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It Could Happen at Dartmouth

(10/16/98 9:00am)

I cried into my soup yesterday as I sat in Collis reading The Dartmouth. The story was easily overlooked, hidden on the third page, in the National Briefs section. It was just a short clip from the Associated Press about a student named Jason Greco from Rutgers University who died early on Monday morning. Jason was 20 years old, my age, a third-year engineering student, and a member of a fraternity. He fell down a flight of stairs after a night of drinking last Thursday, and was declared clinically dead on Sunday. The decision to take him off life support was made soon thereafter.

The Importance of (Ridiculous) Traditions

(10/16/98 9:00am)

While giving tours during the past interim period, I was reminded that many of our sacred traditions here at Dartmouth College might seem a bit bizarre and strange to unfamiliar eyes. Many older alumni, especially those who were here before women were admitted to the school, might point out that Dartmouth has undergone remarkable changes and has lost a few traditions. However, I like to think that we have gained a few along the way.

Editors' Note

(10/16/98 9:00am)

Sitting in the middle of the street is fun, but getting third-degree burns from a Homecoming bonfire is even better. While both activities may be thrilling, running through campus with 999 screaming, frantic, intoxicated classmates will not get you killed (probably).

New eateries at Collis provide good food, good times

(10/15/98 9:00am)

This past month, our friends at Dartmouth Dining Services have offered the student population two totally new, totally scrumptious dining experiences: the Midnight Express, and the Big Green Bean. Open from 9:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m., the new eateries are perfect for those late night munchies when you can't bear to order EBAs one more time. The Midnight Express and the Big Green Bean offer some of the best food and drink I've eaten in my month-long Dartmouth career, and are definitely not to be missed.

A Few Good (Straw) Men: Part I

(10/15/98 9:00am)

Since the unveiling of my "Capitalist Column," a number of anticapitalist and anti-Objectivist columns have appeared in The Dartmouth. These columns have included Andrew Boldt's "Yay, Capitalism!" [Oct. 7], and Emmett Hogan's "In Defense of Capitalism" [Oct. 9]. The first, Boldt's column, is a rather straightforward critique of Objectivism (the philosophy of Ayn Rand), while the second, by Hogan, is a rather cowardly piece, which pulls the old "But Brutus is an honorable man" trick on capitalism and myself.

My Own Homecoming

(10/15/98 9:00am)

My homecoming was two weeks ago. I don't mean that I lit a bonfire in my dorm room and ran around it in a drunken frenzy. Rather, I went home for the first time in a month. After what seemed like eternity, I would finally make the pilgrimage back home to that Eden of American suburbia known as West Hartford, Conn. It was precisely these thoughts that occupied my mind as I waited for my parents to come whisk me away from the cozy confines of Hanover.

Shopping with Mom

(10/15/98 9:00am)

So I've just seen "Saving Private Ryan," in which the medic, Wade, laments that he didn't spend enough time with his mom. He then proceeds to get shot the next day, and I'm thinking, wow, I've been with my friends all summer, what if I get drafted tomorrow and proceed to get shot, and they don't even bother to make a movie about it?