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Big Green stick it to Catamounts on road

(10/21/98 9:00am)

If only the weather had been bad yesterday afternoon in Burlington, because then at least Vermont goaltender Mindy Vinelli could have blamed it on the rain for the beating the Big Green handed the Catamounts. After suffering through one of its most disappointing defeats of the season, the Big Green field hockey team rebounded in a big way by trashing Vermont, 5-2, in Burlington yesterday. The win put Dartmouth back over the .500 mark at 6-5 overall, 1-3 in the Ivy League.

Tyson WIns by Decision

(10/21/98 9:00am)

On Monday, October 19, 1998, Mike Tyson won the biggest decision of his professional and personal career. Unlike many of his past victories, this one did not occur in the ring nor was it a spectacular knockout over a hapless opponent. Instead, Tyson went up against the media and all of his many critics and when the Nevada State Boxing Commission voted to reinstate his suspended boxing license, he beat all odds and stood the victor, as he has so often in his career but so rarely as of late. To this I have only one thing to say: It's about time.

A Few Good (Straw) Men: Part II

(10/21/98 9:00am)

In my last column, I digested the anti-Objectivist piece by Andrew Boldt. It's dinnertime now, and Hogan's article, "In Defense of Capitalism" [The Dartmouth, Oct. 9] is on the menu. Like Boldt, Hogan chooses to distort capitalism in order to refute it. It is my belief that one should present one's readers with the truth and then allow them to make a judgment. I will now present you with the truth. The truth ultimately needs no one to speak for it -- it speaks for itself, and you can discover what I have to say on your own -- but sometimes it needs a microphone. I am that microphone.

Reality Check

(10/21/98 9:00am)

So I was thinking ... about social space. Maybe you noticed in last Wednesday's D, buried in an article about new iMacs for public terminals, that the Student Assembly passed a resolution to support a document written by two students on the state of our needs for more social spaces on campus ["SA to install 16 iMacs for Blitz use," Oct. 14]. This document is the result of tons of research and input gathering, and it utilizes student response to a BlitzMail survey administered last spring. Let me be clear, before I proceed, about the fact that I have no issues with the Student Assembly -- in fact it is an organization very near and dear to my heart. I respect its leadership and members tremendously, and I know that they work very hard for their organization and the campus.

Men's soccer is optimistic about their home stretch

(10/20/98 9:00am)

With eight wins and a tie in 10 games, the Dartmouth men's soccer team has experienced great success so far this season. A top-15 national ranking and their current position atop the Ivy League has fulfilled preseason prophecies of Championship contention. Heading down the home stretch, the Big Green had exhibited many reasons for optimism and a few for concern.

Hitting the Ice

(10/20/98 9:00am)

Bored to the point of illness from sitting in her house on Long Island and staring at the wallpaper (which, don't get me wrong, can be fun if combined with the correct substances) awhile ago my friend Elizabeth and I decided to go see a hockey game. There had been unconfirmed reports of hockey being played professionally out on Long Island, and Elizabeth and I were going to find it, if it took us all night! As long as "all night" lasted no longer than half an hour, and the tickets weren't more than $15 apiece.