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When Venturi Meets Webster

(11/14/97 11:00am)

It is with great dismay that I envision both the architectural and symbolic presence of the new Berry Library designed by Robert Venturi. Though I feel that its symbolic essence as the first monument of a controversial transition in this College's philosophy is the true impediment in this discussion, I will relay brief comments on its architectural meaning to me. Dartmouth College prides itself on valuing the individual: the individual's right to find pleasure and meaning in learning, the individual's right to find pleasure in his surroundings, and the individual's right to find meaning in himself. We students do not all find the same meaning, and we do not all emerge from Dartmouth as the same person. We find pleasure in discovering our different meanings. What Venturi's monolithic structure invokes, though, in his own words, is distinctly the philosophy and aesthetics of the "mill." Such an invocation is antipathetic to the values of Dartmouth. Whereas a mill effaces the individuality of its workers, Dartmouth revels in the individuality of its students; whereas a mill seeks mass production, Dartmouth values personal and creative achievement. We do not go to a library to be mass-produced; we go to a library to find ourselves.

Spiceworld: 'Say You Won't Be There': 'Spiceworld' follows the premiere of group's self-titled debut album

(11/13/97 11:00am)

When you eat spicy food, the saying goes, expect it to repeat itself on you. That said, those ten million listeners that ignored this bit of wisdom and gobbled down the Spice Girl's debut album earlier this year can be blamed for the explosion of flatulence that hit record stores last week.

New Alcohol Regulations Will Encourage Unsafe Drinking

(11/13/97 11:00am)

In a report released yesterday, the College Committee on Alcohol and Other Drugs recommended that Dean of the College Lee Pelton ban kegs during the summer, reduce the number of kegs during the rest of the year and allow Safety and Security officers to patrol the basements of Greek houses during parties. If these recommendations are implemented, it will radically alter, and perhaps worsen, the campus social scene.