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Burneikis '98 explores Balinese culture

(11/17/97 11:00am)

Over the summer, Alexa Burneikis '98 got to fulfill her childhood fantasy: she visited the island of Bali. "I found Bali in a book somewhere when I was a kid," she said. Ever since, she has been enchanted with the island's tropical landscape and cultural treasures. When a real opportunity to visit Bali presented itself in the form of the Goodman Fund, a College anthropology grant, she jumped at the chance and won funding for her travel.

CCAOD Raises Ideological Issues

(11/17/97 11:00am)

With the recent release of the recommendations of the College Committee on Alcohol and Other Drugs, we, as members of the Dartmouth Community face some very serious ideological issues. While this report is specifically geared towards dealing with the role of alcohol and other drugs on our campus, the implications of its recommendations extend far beyond this relatively narrow scope. My intention is not to comment upon the specific effects of alcohol on campus, nor the pros and cons of the CFS system, but rather to call attention to the manner in which some of these recommendations are directly related to broader social and ideological issues on campus.

The Etymology of Sketchiness

(11/17/97 11:00am)

I have two things I would like to share with everyone today. First, Dave Parker is definitely NOT the "dishroom dreamboat," despite what Eric Del Pozo may believe. As an employee in said dishroom, I feel comfortable telling you that the real dishroom dreamboat is none other than Justin "drunken blitzes are my media" Duda. All throughout last year he was constantly hounded by female Dartmouth Dining Services workers trying to seduce him and turn him to the dark side. He has been quoted saying, "The real reason I don't work in the dishroom anymore isn't because I forgot to fill out my paperwork like I told everyone; it's because I just had to get away from all those Duda-crazed women. I've gotta look out for number one, y'know?" Glad we got that settled.

Best of Intentions

(11/17/97 11:00am)

I know everyone on campus has heard a lot about the controversy regarding the Jack-O-Lantern. I would like to put it on a personal level. My background is from a suburban area, mostly white. Unlike the stereotype, however, my group of friends was at once both very diverse and very close. This created a situation of cross-cultural comfort which resulted in an attitude towards racial issues that most Dartmouth students would find appalling if they were exposed to it.