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A Tourette's Moment

(05/15/97 9:00am)

This past Sunday I chowed a $1 Whopper meal with three friends, courtesy of the East Wheelock Cluster. I must offer my admiration and thanks to the powers-that-be who made my stomach tingle with delight that fine evening; however, I was just as shocked as the rest of the milling throng in Brace Commons when it was announced that there were five Whoppers with no special sauce, and five Whoppers ... gulp ... without meat. This idea, naturally was so that peace and harmony could prevail between five lucky vegetarians in the cluster and the rest of us savage flesh-rippers. Common sense tells us, obviously, that a vegetarian is not ever going to show up to an event serving Whoppers. So, given the fact that there was considerably more demand than there was supply, five carnivorous students got to choke down that Whopping special sauce on a bun. Then, when the announcement was made, it began.

Indigo Girls shift gears, drive music to different style

(05/13/97 9:00am)

There's both good news and good news about the Indigo Girls' latest release, "Shaming of the Sun." The good news is that it's much more experimental than their five previous studio releases, leading to a much richer and more creative sound. The good news is that it's still the solid, deep, and touching Indigo Girls that we've come to know and love.

Women and Men of Dartmouth

(05/13/97 9:00am)

Last Thursday night I went to my final "Will the Women of Dartmouth Please Stand Up?" panel and it got me thinking, as it has for the past four years. The panelists' stories were incredible, and their empowering personalities made me proud of their accomplishments, and my own as well. But now, as a senior, I felt the same sense of finality that recently has been accompanying everything that I do. No longer can I go out and get involved in all the areas of Dartmouth that I have wanted to. I am proud of what I have done, but sad that those endless possibilities of two or three years ago no longer exist. They have been defined by experience and by missed experiences. For example, I can't remember why I missed the Take Back the Night March my sophomore year, when every other year I have gone and been impressed by the feeling of solidarity the march created. I only missed one year out of four, and then it was probably because I thought I couldn't take off an hour from studying or hanging out with my friends. But now I feel I lost a great opportunity. It seems that, these days, every time I go see a speaker or go to a new meeting, I discover more interests into which I wish I could devote my time. There are countless opportunities offered to every student at Dartmouth, and it is difficult to even recognize them, let alone get involved.