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Beyond Dartmouth's Anti-Semitic Past

(11/21/97 11:00am)

You might have noticed that Dartmouth has been mentioned quite a bit in the New York times since the opening of the Roth Center for Jewish Life on November 8. The discussion stemming from this event raises some important questions: Is there still anti-Semitism on this campus? At the Roth Center dedication ceremony, President Freedman chronicled anti-Semitism at Dartmouth and remarked that Dartmouth has come a long way. This building radiates, "look how far we have come!" It stands as a symbol for the immense social change Dartmouth has undergone. The opening of the Roth Center signals to many that Anti-Semitism is a memory.

Responsible Drinking is Not a Product of Age

(11/21/97 11:00am)

I've been a bartender for slightly over 4 years and have seen a lot of drunk people. I've noticed something about them too -- the most irresponsible, "dumb" drunks are not necessarily the youngest. I live in a country where people start drinking openly at an early age and most of the teenagers there are amazed at the stupidity of visiting teenage Americans. The reason? We're more "educated" in the drinking culture. Most of us have gone to bars or drunk with our families from the age of 13 or 14. Having observed and experienced the effects of alcohol for three or four years before the age of 18, we tend to laugh or shake our heads in pity at the ridiculous antics of our same-aged American friends. Don't get me wrong, though, when we first started to drink we were fools too. Which is my point. The less you know about alcohol consumption the more dangerously you do it.

Parking Regulations Should Be Rational

(11/20/97 11:00am)

Last Tuesday night, I left Collis and walked to my car, which I had parked in the driveway between Collis and Thayer. I had left the car there at approximately 6:45pm, and had returned to it at about 8:15 only to find an ominous little green envelope held in place by the windshield wiper. The Dartmouth College Parking Citation informed me that I was in violation of the Dartmouth Parking and Traffic Regulations as I had parked in a no parking zone. Rewind to the preceding Friday.