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Part Two: The Corporate Hereafter

(11/25/97 11:00am)

"O concete prosim, vystup a nastup dvere se zaviraji." The words trill from my lips in a flawless Czech accent. Add some red lipstick and an icy sneer and I could easily pass for the evil communist temptress of American Cold War movies. Throw in an audience who actually spoke Czech, however, and gales of laughter would follow. After spending a week in Prague, my crowning Czech achievement was, "Attention please, the subway doors are closing."

Sophomore Slump

(11/24/97 11:00am)

Okay, all you 2000s, is this term killer, or is just me? Originally, I thought I was one of few who thought this term was not the greatest, but I have since revised my opinion. Lately, when I see people and ask "How are you?" the most common responses are "I'm hanging in there" and "I am surviving -- barely." Most people go on to say that all their friends feel the same way. Others say, "I'm fine," but I can tell by the clenched teeth and the dark circles under their eyes that they haven't slept a whole lot lately. I myself haven't been leading the most stress-free existence this term, and I am still trying to figure out why.

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