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Football prepares for last home game of season

(11/08/96 11:00am)

The long anticipated matchup between Dartmouth and Columbia for first place in the Ivy League and an inside track to the league title is finally upon us. But a funny thing happened on the way to this clash of unbeaten titans. Columbia lost. However, the game still puts what many people believe to be the two best teams in the Ivy League on the field to decide the direction of the title hunt.

The Weekend Mirage

(11/08/96 11:00am)

As we have reached yet another Friday, I find myself reexamining the merits of the weekend. Don't get me wrong, I look forward to a couple days off as much as anyone else, but it just seems that the weekend isn't all that it is made up to be. On the surface, it seems like a time of fantastic productivity, great fun, and lots of sleep. Unfortunately this perception is from a distance (Wednesday). The closer the weekend gets, the more it seems too short to really accomplish anything.

Go To Sleep!

(11/08/96 11:00am)

The scene: any class at Dartmouth. The victim: any random student. The crime: a critical lack of sleep. The weapon: the candlestick. Congratulations, you've survived seven weeks of the 1996 Fall term, and if you're like most, you have at least two things to show for it -- a few grades and at least two drooping eyelids.

Dancing Queer Professors Wanted

(11/08/96 11:00am)

Every spring when the birds and the bees make their glorious return to the Hanover plain, the letters of protest concerning tenure decisions make their annual return to the pages of The D. Some students express their disappointment over a specific department's decision to deny tenure to their favorite professor. Other students throw a party for their favorite professor who was granted tenure and who will be at Dartmouth to teach their grandchildren in the Class of 2070.

Drowning in Religion

(11/07/96 11:00am)

These traces I must follow indirectly: "Here or there we have discerned writing: a nonsymmetrical division designated on the one hand the closure of the book, and on the other the opening of a text. On the one hand the theological encyclopedia and, modeled upon it, the book of [humanity]. On the other a fabric of traces marking the disappearance of an exceeded God or an erased [hu]man." (Jaques Derrida, "Ellipsis")

The Weekend

(11/07/96 11:00am)

We're only here at Dartmouth for four years ... well, most of us. And it's often easy to take this time for granted. We know because, we too, fell victim to the "school sucks/my life sucks/everything sucks Dartmouth syndrome" that seems to hit everyone at one point or another. It's a good thing that Dartmouth has the tradition of canceling classes on the Friday of Harvard weekend so that students can leave Hanover and realize how good they have it ...