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Skin on parade: 'Striptease' entices and disappoints: Demi Moore bumps and grinds her way to a $12.5 million payday in this summer's latest movie offering

(07/03/96 9:00am)

I pity Demi Moore. Deceived into believing that she was empowering women by her portrayal of feisty stripper Erin Grant, she was clearly never informed that it was to be marketed as a "bawdy comedy."

Some Physical Education Fines Are Inappropriate

(07/03/96 9:00am)

Until recently, I had imagined the College's physical education program director as a man sitting on a Caribbean beach, ordering tropical drinks and tipping the waiters with fists full of fifties, freshly garnered from some poor sophomore who'd failed skiing class for the second year straight. Maybe he'd work in the summer, escape the heat in his air-conditioned office and cruise around Hanover in his shiny new BMW. Maybe that was even his car that almost hit me this morning on the way to the Hop.

Here's My BlitzMail Password

(07/03/96 9:00am)

Last term I was surprised along with the rest of Dartmouth to hear that someone had been installing programs into the public computers on campus. These programs successfully stored the passwords of anyone who happened to use BlitzMail and revealed them to that mysterious someone. Now, after I heard this news, two questions immediately popped into my mind: 1) What kind of complete loser would have the time on his/her hands to design and implement such a thing, and 2) Did I have anything to hide?

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