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A Ralph Lauren Jacket?

(07/15/96 9:00am)

Halfway through my college career, a question pops up in my mind and refuses to be satisfied with answers that once seemed satisfactory. Why exactly do human beings spend four years and a substantial amount of money to go to this institution referred to as a college, where they proceed to engage in something that on the surface is neither the most pleasurable activity available nor the most useful?

In Support of Mandatory AIDS Testing

(07/11/96 9:00am)

AIDS: 501,310 cases, 311,381 deaths reported as of November 1995 by the United States Centers for Disease Control. As of March 1995 The World Health Organization reported 4.5 million cases, 3 million deaths worldwide. In the United States AIDS is the leading cause of death of Americans aged 25-44. One in every 250 Americans is HIV positive. One in every 92 men aged 25 to 39 is HIV positive. In 1994, 40 to 50,000 new HIV infections occurred in the United States. Of these, one in every two happened to someone 25 years old or younger, one in four to someone under 20.

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