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'The Venetian Twins' plays on theme of mistaken identity: Opening Thurs., July 25 and continuing until Sat., Aug. 10, the production will play in Moore Theater

(07/23/96 9:00am)

Given the recent passing of mid-term exams and without even the relief of a sunny day for Tubestock, you might think there is not much to laugh about at Dartmouth. Proving you wrong is the forthcoming comedy "The Venetian Twins," the drama department's mainstage production this term.

Supporting Same-sex Marriage

(07/23/96 9:00am)

The U.S. House of Representatives voted on Friday to not recognize same-sex marriages, to allow states to do the same, and to allow states not to recognize a same-sex marriage that occurred in another state. It is not surprising that they did this, given that a majority of the public supported the action and in this election year, President Clinton does not feel able to veto the measure. However, the logic with which some Congressmen supported this bill is shocking, faulty, and points to the bigotry behind the legislation.

Listen to Build Community

(07/23/96 9:00am)

As I sat through the last half hour of the discussion on Wednesday night in Collis Commonground, I was struck by the hypocritical actions of the people around me. Members of the audience were saying the administration does not listen to us, does not hear our needs and demands, that the administration is against us. But wait a second, who is really not listening here?

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