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George Michael's latest release, 'Older,' disappoints: First effort in six years from 'Faith' artist lacks energy and appeal of earlier work, yet will still impress fans

(07/31/96 9:00am)

George Michael, best known as the butt-wiggling poster child of the '80s is now obviously older, but not necessarily wiser. His newest release, titled "Older," features a more mellow, more somber George, a definite change from his guitar-swinging, tight-jean-wearing, teeny-bopping days of yore.

Reserve Corridor Graffiti Indicative of Misogynistic

(07/31/96 9:00am)

As a Dartmouth student, you need not look any further than page three of your Handbook to see the Principle of Community by which we are all expected to abide. In June of 1980, the Board of Trustees endorsed this Principle, voicing its commitment to an appreciation for diversity and an environment where the "rights and interests of others" are respected. Yet, more than sixteen years later, we are still confronted with blatant violations of this principle, blatant sexism and homophobia, every time we enter the Reserve Corridor.

'Venetian Twins' succeeds through stellar acting, direction

(07/29/96 9:00am)

The program notes of "The Venetian Twins" state that its author, Carlo Goldoni, was the author of no less than 200 plays. This does not inspire the potential audience member with a great deal of confidence: Shakespeare accomplished 37, Moliere 34. Exactly how Signor Goldoni managed to be that prolific, yet maintain a standard high enough to merit the performance of his work at Dartmouth, was a question I, at least, was concerned about

A Caveat for the Government Majors

(07/29/96 9:00am)

The editorial on July 5th, "Why Men Ought to Be Unequal," defending Francis Fukuyama's thesis in The End of History and the Last Man, evinces the inherent problem of political science. The discipline has failed to improve in theoretical rigor and continues to rely mostly on poorly-interpreted empirical evidence. This penchant is gravely problematic because inane empirical studies can only establish correlation -- but never causality -- among the phenomena that one might want to link.

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