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Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Racism

(11/09/95 11:00am)

The turnout at the Masters-D'Souza debate indicates how important the issue of racism is to most people. It was a good sign. People care, and so we can progress toward the goal of a racially indifferent society. The Masters-D'Souza debate was an important milestone on that road to a racially indifferent society. It was a very illuminating experience for me to hear two people talk about their views on how to eradicate racial differences -- a goal both agreed on.

A New Challenge Facing Choice

(11/09/95 11:00am)

Ruling in a seemingly trivial landlord-tenant dispute last week, New York judge John DiNoto acceded to America's slide toward disorder. The decision, which allowed a landlord to evict an abortion clinic from his building because of violent protests by pro-life groups, demonstrates the extent to which such groups have undermined the rule of law. By giving in to these domestic terrorists, the judge accepts the helplessness of law-abiding businessmen and emboldens those who reject majority rule.

Novell misses the mark with latest software package

(11/08/95 11:00am)

Boasting "Incredible $aving$," Student Essentials for Macintosh is a computer compact disk set containing seven programs that any college student will find useful. However, the disk really is not worth the discount price of $135 if the buyer happens to be a Dartmouth student who has already purchased a Macintosh package from the College.

Developing Democracies Face Communication Challenges

(11/08/95 11:00am)

I felt both empowered yet slightly unnerved when the deputy head of foreign affairs for the Ministry of the Environment said, "that's a really good point!" to one of my suggestions and meant it in earnest. Empowered because an important official might actually use my recommendations for policy making. Unnerved because the suggestion I made seemed to be so obvious.

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