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"Naked" exposes soul of Generation X

(06/24/94 9:00am)

Earlier this year, the American media introduced a new phrase into the pop-culture lexicon: Generation X. With the release of the movie "Reality Bites" -- about a group of recent graduates trying to come of age -- and then the tragic suicide of Kurt Cobain, this fringe label went mainstream, and newspapers and magazines created a bandwagon for the whole world to jump on.

Tourist guides lead travelers astray

(06/24/94 9:00am)

Many '96s have just returned from Language Studies Abroad, and most took advantage of the opportunity to travel while in Europe or elsewhere about the globe. To these students and to all those who plan on traveling in the future, the name "Let's Go" is or will be permanently imprinted on their minds. I, too, was a "Let's Go" traveler and commonly referred to the book as the Bible. In retrospect, however, although this book opens the world to budget-minded travelers, it also has the paradoxical effect of depersonalizing that world and tragically making a once-unique experience cliche.