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Meters to perform

(05/13/93 2:00am)

The Meters are coming! The Meters are coming! These words have passed through the lips of many students in the past few weeks. Yet, aside from the brothers of Phi Delta Alpha, and anyone within earshot of their porch, few have been exposed to this band's unique blend of funk, R and B, African, Cajun and Caribbean music.

Dartmouth is brewing at Dirt Cowboy Cafe

(05/12/93 2:00am)

They are packing them in at the new Dirt Cowboy Cafe. Every time I have stopped into the new coffee shop on Main Street it has been crowded. While this means cash in the pockets of the owners it also has a deeper meaning for the College. The success of this new cafe sheds light on the large portion of the student body that is often masked by the extremes.

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