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A Class Day tradition

(05/25/93 9:00am)

Within the next week, the Class of 1993 Senior Executive Committee must create a ceremony to replace the now defunct clay pipes tradition. While it is impossible for anybody to know if this new tradition will be as successful as the old, there are certain ceremonial characteristics the committee should consider which can help develop and maintain long term stability of the tradition.

Abortion debate part III -- Keep it legal, but ...

(05/24/93 9:00am)

Every weekend here at Dartmouth, students engage in multifarious extracurricular activities. With a little luck, such activities will have very little to do with abortion. However, such is not always the case. Hence, what better way to remove the specter of extracurricular activities gone awry than to finish up this three-part series on abortion by continuing to talk about it in a lofty philosophical and legal manner?