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Karty: The Ghosts of Budgets Past

(2 hours ago)

What is a university? English poet John Masefield said it “is a place where those who hate ignorance may strive to know.” Dartmouth says it is a “voice crying out into the wilderness.” But, in an age where universities have budgets larger than the GDPs — gross domestic product — of many small nations, I take a more practical approach: A university is what it spends money on.



Editors’ Note

(09/27/23 6:00am)

It’s Week 3, but it’s not quite Red (Taylor’s Version) season yet, and the autumn leaves aren’t quite falling down like “pieces into place.” It feels as though we are on the precipice of the seasons turning from green to gold, or at least that’s how I am feeling about my senior year. Each morning feels just a little bit chillier, and planning for the future looms closer. There are still crowds of new unfamiliar faces in the line at Novack, and it’s hard not to think about people who have recently graduated and moved on and away. They were the ones that once stood in the shoes of the freshmen behind me, and with every week that passes, I am acutely aware that this is my third and final fall in Hanover. 

Downward Dog in the Woods: Spotlight on Yoga at Hanover

(09/27/23 6:05am)

Whether you’re partaking to rejuvenate your mind or strengthen your body, yoga has something for everyone. According to the American Osteopathic Association, yoga offers an extensive list of the physical and mental benefits, which range from increased flexibility to better cardiovascular health to improved mental health. Luckily, the Dartmouth community can try their hand at yoga both on and off campus. Two popular options are Mighty Yoga, which offers classes in the Town of Hanover, and the Student Wellness Center, which hosts free yoga sessions right on campus. 

Spotlight on the International Student Pre-Orientation Program

(09/27/23 6:15am)

Arriving at Dartmouth for the first time garners both excitement and nerves. Understandably, the latter reigns supreme for many students who are not only coming to live in Hanover, but also in the United States, for the first time. The Class of 2027 is Dartmouth’s most geographically diverse in the College’s history, with students arriving from 75 different countries. This means that helping international students adjust culturally to Dartmouth is a growing concern. For international students, the International Student Pre-Orientation Program and International Student Mentoring Program attempt to facilitate a smooth transition to Dartmouth life and culture. 

The Quest for ‘48’: Students Attempt to Hike New Hampshire 4,000 Footers

(09/27/23 6:20am)

Just northeast of Hanover, a mere few hours away, lies New Hampshire’s famous range of “4,000 footers.” Referring to the 48 peaks in New Hampshire’s White Mountain range with elevations of 4,000 feet or higher, the 4,000 footers play a central role in one of the great American hiking challenges: known informally as “the 48.”