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Fifteen students allege three professors created 'hostile academic environment'

(11/18/17 8:31pm)

In allegations that span multiple generations of graduate students, four students in Dartmouth’s department of psychological and brain sciences told The Dartmouth this week that three professors now under investigation by the College and state prosecutors created a hostile academic environment that they allege included excessive drinking, favoritism and behaviors that they considered to be sexual harassment.

Least Grim Places to Study for Finals

(11/16/17 3:04am)

The air’s getting colder, the sun’s setting earlier and the library’s getting more crowded — it must be ~finals szn~. Even though the beautiful fall leaves are gone and we might not see the sun again until June, at least your study space doesn’t have to be as grim as the weather! After scouring the campus for the best study spots, I’ve collected the definitive guide to the least grim study spots to get you through finals szn and those winter woes.

How to Avoid the Freshman Plague

(11/14/17 6:00pm)

At some point the freshman plague — that ambiguous sickness that seems to hit right around midterms week and never leave — catches up to everyone. Though it’s not always clear whether people are throwing up on the weekends because of the plague or other undisclosed reasons, we can all unify around the misery the plague causes. But in the event that people were actually crazy enough to think they could avoid the plague, how could they attempt stay healthy? We have some ideas.