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The Student Voice

(11/27/02 11:00am)

I have to say that I am honestly appalled to see what our College administration has done now. Continuing its tradition of unilateral action with a lack of student input, the administration (mainly Dean of the College James Larimore, Director of Athletics and Recreation Joann Harper and her staff, with the tacit approval of Provost Barry Scherr, the chair of the College's budget committee and our President James Wright) has decided to cut the men's and women's varsity swimming and diving programs.

Marketing Saddam Hussein

(11/26/02 11:00am)

Mr. Hussein! I just found out that you had an email account. Like all other Americans who fulfill our patriotic duty to shape foreign policy in terms of John Wayne movies, I had just assumed that that leather holster you wear holds some sort of large-caliber handgun. You know, as sort of an insurance policy against the help selling out to the Mossad, CIA or MI-6. Instead, it holds a Blackberry Mobile Communicator, to judge from one of the press releases from Responding to a sympathetic email from Christopher Love, your American sleeper agent -- I mean, "brother in the family of mankind" -- you electronically clucked your tongue at President Bush's "logic of war" in response to the Sept. 11 attacks. Obviously, there's logic and legitimacy behind your war against Iran in 1980, your gassing of the Kurds and your war against Kuwait in 1990.