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Opinion Asks: New Stores in Hanover

(10/24/19 6:05am)

Bookstore and bar “Still North Books,” owned by Allie Levy ’11, is opening in downtown Hanover soon, replacing what once was the Dartmouth Bookstore, which closed last year due to financial difficulties. After the closure of Wheelock Books, which provided textbooks at a discounted rate, businesses that are explicitly targeted at Dartmouth students are notably absent in town.

Opinion Asks: The Mueller Report

(03/26/19 6:10am)

On March 22, special counsel Robert Mueller released to the U.S. Attorney General the results of his investigation into collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s campaign. While the report found no evidence of collusion, it neither recommended charges nor exonerated the president on charges of obstruction of justice. We asked opinion writers for their responses to the release.

Opinion Asks

(02/12/19 7:05am)

Last night, Dinesh D’Souza ’83 gave a talk in Filene Auditorium entitled “A World Without Walls.” He has espoused controversial views in the past, and his presence sparked student protests. What does Dinesh D’Souza’s visit to campus mean for the community?

Opinion Asks

(10/27/16 4:15am)

Yale University’s program covers for the 100th Yale-Dartmouth football game have received intense criticism for portraying Dartmouth’s former mascot, the Indian. Do you think the public backlash has been too much, just right or not enough? How should we reconcile accurate representation of history with perpetuating racism and other social issues?

Opinion Asks

(09/15/16 4:30am)

We asked our opinion staff: "In the U.S. News and World Report’s ranking of institutions with the best undergraduate teaching, Dartmouth placed seventh, down from placing second last year. Do you agree with this ranking, and if so how can Dartmouth improve its undergraduate teaching?"

Opinion Asks

(09/09/16 3:19am)

It might seem cheesy, but time really flies — it feels like just yesterday that I was anxiously driving up for trips, unsure of the future and uncertain what to expect. One thing that I am so glad I did, and I highly encourage everyone to do, is take diverse, random classes freshman year.

Opinion Asks

(08/11/16 10:30pm)

Sophomore summer at Dartmouth, for most, centers around three pillars: Greek life, corporate recruiting and Astro 2/3. It has its pros and cons — fewer classes are offered and it can be difficult to find the right classes and knock out the right distributive or major requirements, but we also get the chance to spend 10 weeks and change in New Hampshire in the summer.