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(Sur)reality check: DFS film series 'switches reals'

(09/22/94 9:00am)

The lights dimmed, the reels began spinning and the audience settled in for a double feature of the Alfred Hitchcock classics "Spellbound" and "Vertigo." This was no Tuesday night on the couch for film buffs -- it was the launching of the Dartmouth Film Society's Fall 1994 Film Series, "Switching Reals," which explores realism and surrealism through classic and contemporary films.

Freaks munch on glass, glug gasoline in sideshow

(09/21/94 9:00am)

Most people learn early on in life that there are certain things you just don't put in your mouth -- unless you're one of the freaks who will eat glass, swallow swords and drink gasoline tomorrow night in Spaulding Auditorium at 8 and 11 p.m. Is it Hell Night already? No, it's just the Coney Island Circus Sideshow, straight from the boardwalk in Brooklyn.

Through a lens starkly: photos reveal a world beyond tragedy

(09/20/94 9:00am)

A boy wearing red pants hangs upside-down from the gun barrel of a rusted tank, his hand capping the muzzle. It is one of the few images in "James Nachtwey: Photographs" now on view at the Hood Museum of Art with an air of playful grimness; mostly the photographs are simply grim -- in the words of one critic, "beyond tragedy."

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