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Freshmen, Thy Name is Hal

(09/23/97 9:00am)

Ah, Dartmouth. This school is now ours, the playground, the proscenium, of the 2001s. I do enjoy being called a "one." I was born on the first day of the first month of the year, so the number one is my talisman. "One" is a singular moniker: strong, upstanding, no-nonsense, unadorned. The word "one" conveys that we are the primos, the unos, the select, the primes. But of course we are also self-effacing and unassuming, humble in our grandness. "One" is a word that is enough a part of common speech to escape the charge of egotism -- and we do not want to assert too much on our wobbly new-born-calf legs.

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