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“For ’24s, by ’24s:” Spotlight on the Sophomore Trips Planning Process

(05/11/22 6:05am)

Every year since 1999, some sophomores have embarked on First-Year Trips-esque adventures to kick off their sophomore summer. These sophomore trips — called STRIPS — have been an annual tradition for decades, and have always aimed to strengthen class bonds. However, given that the Class of 2024 missed their opportunity to attend First-Year Trips as incoming freshmen, the stakes this year seem particularly high.

Hit the Books: A Closer Look at the Book Arts Workshop

(04/13/22 6:15am)

Nestled in the basement of Baker Library, the Book Arts Workshop provides a unique venue for members of the Dartmouth community to learn about letterpress printing, bookbinding and more. The workshop attracts students and professors in many departments — from English to computer science — who take advantage of the program’s studio space and curricular support. To learn more, I spoke to the Book Arts Workshop Program Manager, Sarah Smith, about the workshop’s offerings and niche on campus.

Did Abroad Really Change You?

(04/06/22 6:05am)

After two years of limited travel and pandemic-related restrictions, it’s no wonder that when Dartmouth announced the re-opening of study abroads starting fall 2021, students jumped at the opportunity to participate. For those interested in studying abroad, the College offers both language study abroads — which focus primarily on language skills — and foreign study programs — which focus on a particular field of study in the context of a different country. 

Films, Frats and Fanatics: How “Animal House” Compares to Current-Day Dartmouth

(02/09/22 7:05am)

National Lampoon’s “Animal House” is notoriously based on Dartmouth and its frat culture. I remember after being accepted to Dartmouth and doing research about it, people said to watch “Animal House” to get a sense of what it was like. Thank god I didn’t because I truly would have been terrified to even step foot on campus had I watched the movie.

Diversity in Greek Life: Can you really be diverse when seeking to be distinctive?

(01/19/22 7:15am)

By design, the Greek system at Dartmouth is inherently exclusive and hierarchical: Built upon years of systematic oppression, it seeks to find people who “fit in” or want to ascribe to a particular tribe. With winter rush for sororities underway, some of the same old questions have started to bubble to the top. How can you try to be inclusive when by definition Greek life is so exclusive? 

Does absence really make the heart grow fonder?

(05/05/21 6:10am)

Being in a long-distance relationship is difficult. Being in a long-distance relationship in college — with social, academic and extracurricular pressures — can be even harder. Maintaining a long-distance relationship in college during a pandemic? One might say that would seem impossible. But for many students, both at Dartmouth and beyond, keeping their loved one close despite the distance has proven to be a surmountable obstacle. 

Vaccination Stories: Dartmouth Students Share Their Vaccination Experiences

(04/21/21 6:10am)

When New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu announced that starting April 2, COVID-19 vaccinations would be available to New Hampshire residents over the age of 16, Dartmouth students scrambled to schedule their appointments. The initial excitement of the news quickly subsided, however, when the governor added that this expanded eligibility would not include out-of-state college students. Though Sununu ultimately reversed this policy and said that non-residents would be allowed to get the vaccine in New Hampshire beginning April 19th, the weeks between the two announcements resulted in a range of frustrating, confusing and stressful COVID-19 vaccination experiences within the Dartmouth community.

Friends From Afar: ’24s Navigate a (Mostly) Remote Second Term

(02/17/21 7:10am)

The Class of 2024 was given priority to live on campus during the fall and spring of this academic year, which means that many freshmen are spending their first Dartmouth winter scattered around the world. Whether arriving on campus for the first time or taking Zoom classes in a busy house, ’24s are facing a strange second term at the College.

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