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Graduates, Interrupted: ’21s Look Forward to Continuing School Past Graduation

(05/27/21 6:20am)

Gap years, graduating late, switching around our D plans: My friends and I have all thrown around these ideas casually since COVID-19 altered the college experience. What once seemed like a neat and orderly four-year timeline has since become far more individual, ad-hoc and ever-changing. More interesting, though, is the way that this situation has impacted the senior class. In order to make the most of their remaining time and personal goals, some seniors have decided to take the leap of faith and graduate late. 

A Bumpy Journey

(05/19/21 6:00am)

“You’re still concussed?” Yes, still. If you had told me four months ago that I would still be dealing with a concussion — well, I would have preferred that you didn’t tell me. Concussions, also referred to as traumatic brain injuries — or TBIs — affect millions of Americans annually and are certainly no stranger to college students. Varsity athletes and even their NARP counterparts are at risk; a slip playing pong in a frat basement or a fall on the Dartmouth Skiway — as in my case — can all land a Dartmouth student in the same place: concussed. 

A Shot in the Dark: Students Receive Early Vaccines

(01/13/21 7:25am)

When I virtually signed Dartmouth’s “Community Expectations” agreement last summer, I didn’t think much of a certain line. I agreed to “receive a vaccine for COVID-19, should one become available that is both FDA- and Dartmouth-approved,” if I wanted to live on campus and access Dartmouth’s facilities. At that point, a COVID-19 vaccine seemed years away — a promise overshadowed by the stress of preparing for a virtual academic year.

What’s a ’23 To Do? Making Decisions About Winter Term

(10/28/20 6:30am)

I remember finishing my work shift in late July and pulling out my phone to see 235 unread messages. I braced myself for what I already knew: term assignments had come out. Everything I had speculated about sophomore year would change once I opened my email from the Registrar. Disbelief struck when I read that I had been approved for only one term, summer.  

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