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DMS project discovers excessive surgery rates

(08/22/06 9:00am)

Dartmouth Medical School researchers are blowing the whistle on inadequate medical care and malpractice across the nation. The Dartmouth Atlas of Healthcare project has garnered national media attention for its study of national, local and regional distribution of medical resources since its inception in 1996, and it recently stirred controversy over the disproportionately high rate of angioplasties performed in an Ohio hospital.

Final town meeting drowns Tubestock

(07/11/06 9:00am)

A single student showed up to protest the town ordinances crushing Tubestock at a public meeting the Hanover Board of Selectmen held Tuesday to solicit community feedback. Organizer of the now defunct "Save Tubestock" movement Robert King '08 gave an embittered speech to the board but did not recruit additional student support, King said, because a stricter state law passed June 15 supercedes the town ordinances, making them irrelevant.

Nationals, College policies inhibit sororities

(05/31/06 9:00am)

The introduction of Alpha Phi as the College's seventh sorority will provide a new female social space in what many view as a male-dominated social scene. But with 13 fraternities and only three sororities permitted to throw alcoholic parties in their physical plants, many feel the social scene still has a long way to go before this gender imbalance is corrected.

Editors' Note

(05/19/06 9:00am)

But don't be discouraged. This weekend is nothing like Winter Carnival. Although there's no pathetically melting snow sculpture to mock, the rainy weather can bring other joys. Go listen to Jenn Sterger describe her meteoric rise to fame at Psi U, and during the meet and greet session, challenge her to a mud wrestling match.

IFC policies face possible revisions

(05/11/06 9:00am)

After denying Jewish-affiliated fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi colony status for the second time last Thursday, the Interfraternity Council will meet to discuss possible fraternity expansion policy revisions next Thursday with Dean of Residential Life Martin Redman, Coed, Fraternity and Sorority System Director Deb Carney and Assistant CFS Director Megan Johnson.

Pornography becomes more socially accepted

(05/04/06 9:00am)

Editor's note: This is the second in a two-part series examining the role of pornography on Dartmouth's campus and in today's youth culture. The first article discussed the conflicting careers of Vivid Entertainment Co-CEO Bill Asher '84 and Morality in Media President Robert Peters '71. This article focuses on pornography's fading taboo at Dartmouth.

Freedman well received among faculty, students later follow

(03/28/06 10:00am)

When President Emeritus James Freedman came to Dartmouth in 1987, he entered an institution that was still male-dominated, largely conservative and mired at the bottom of Ivy League academics. He instituted policies promoting diversity and intellectual openness that helped transform the College's public image. While this caused some initial controversy among the student body, it drew enormous praise and popular support from the faculty and allowed Freedman to exit a very different institution when he resigned in 1998.

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