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Things I Won't Miss About College

(05/23/08 7:36am)

When our editor told us that the last Mirror spread of the year would be dedicated to the ruminations of our graduating contributors, she also told us that she wanted to avoid us all being overly sentimental. I gladly took up the challenge by heading straight for bitter and cynical instead. As a wise and all-knowing senior, I now present to you the top 10 things I won't miss about college. In no particular order, they are:

To-Do: Senior Spring

(03/07/08 10:10am)

Lindsay Weinstein '08 cribbed the idea of a senior year to-do list from two of his Chi Gam brothers who graduated in 2006. Painted on their wall were all sorts of challenges, like "Take out a girl who is taller than six feet." They didn't have much luck, according to Weinstein. He hopes to fare better than his predecessors in accomplishing his items: start a food fight at Food Court, take a professor to 5 Olde Nugget Alley, go to Club Electra (To-Do what, he didn't say).

Daily Debriefing

(08/03/06 9:00am)

A new record electrical power peak demand was likely to be set in New England on Wednesday according to John Gratiot, associate vice president for Facilities Operations and Management. He sent a BlitzMail message to about 20 colleagues around campus earlier this week to notify the community. The message, which was also posted as an FO&M BlitzMail bulletin, urged Dartmouth community members to minimize power usage between noon and 5 p.m. on Wednesday in order to help keep the New England peak demand down, which would in turn "save money in the Dartmouth energy budget." Gratiot said in a BlitzMail message to The Dartmouth that New England was expecting a peak load of 28,500 Megawatt Hours but it only hit 28,000 MWH. "It looks like the plea I, and others, got yesterday may have made a difference," he said.

Study suggests self-injury common at top colleges

(07/11/06 9:00am)

Researchers at Cornell and Princeton Universities found that 17 percent of student participants had engaged in self-injurious behavior -- which includes cutting, burning and any self-inflected injury not aimed at suicide -- at some point in their lives and that 70.8 percent of this group of respondents have engaged in the behavior at least twice. Dr. Mark Reed, director of Dartmouth Counseling and Health Resources, said that these statistics were not shocking and would most likely be similar among students at the College.

Alpha Phi selected as next sorority

(03/06/06 11:00am)

Alpha Phi sorority will come to Dartmouth as the campus's seventh all-female Greek house, the College announced Friday afternoon. Alpha Phi's introduction makes it the first new Greek organization to start up at the College since the Board of Trustees lifted its 1999 moratorium on new Greek organizations last June. The announcement came after College President James Wright approved a student interest group's decision and Alpha Phi officially accepted Dartmouth's request to form a chapter.

The $100 Scramble: Topside Sweeps

(02/24/06 11:00am)

In the early 90s, most kids were watching "Clarissa Explains It All" or "Legends of the Hidden Temple." Nickelodeon was okay, I guess, but for me, Lifetime was where it was at. Ugly teal sweatshirts, the Round Robin and blowup candy bars were the things of my childhood afternoons. Whenever I heard that beep, I thought of the fun I could be having on Supermarket Sweep.

National sororities vie for next spot at College

(02/15/06 11:00am)

The nine sophomore women selecting a seventh sorority for Dartmouth have narrowed their choices down to three national sororities. They will select one from Delta Zeta sorority, Kappa Delta sorority, and Alpha Phi sorority to be the first Greek organization to come to the College since the Board of Trustees lifted its moratorium on new Greek organizations last June.

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