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Dressed to Impress and Protect Our Planet

(05/19/23 7:05am)

 As the first days of May in Hanover bloomed, flowers were draped from the ceiling and grass mats lined the floor of Collis Common Ground, transforming it into a scene from a mythical garden for the Fashion Et Cetera Spring Fashion Show on May 3. Swirls of colorful lights shifted above the stage, and students sat on all sides of the catwalk constructed for the event. Some audience members held champagne flutes in their hands while others clapped. 42 student models walked down the catwalk in vibrant oranges and delicate whites, open-front shirts and plunging dress necklines. 

The Instagram World: Students Weigh in on the App’s Role in their Lives

(04/12/23 3:51pm)

When I think about Instagram, I still sometimes think of that old-school Polaroid app icon: the face of the app when I first created an account in fifth-grade. Eight years later, now that I’m in college, I’m still using Instagram — but maybe not in the same way I once did. In a college environment, now that I have more fluid social groups and an increased confidence in the life I’m building, I use Instagram to share what I find aesthetic and worth seeing, rather than attempting to curate my feed to fit high school’s social expectations. But naturally, the way we all use Instagram is highly personal and dependent on the individual. In an effort to learn more about Dartmouth’s culture of Instagram on campus, I spoke to several students about whether they use the app and why.

A Historic Run for the Ivy League

(03/29/23 6:20am)

As the Princeton Tigers advanced last week into the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA March Madness tournament, members and fans of the Ivy League watched anxiously to see how far our league champs could take their run. A miraculous two-game tournament run, beginning with a shocking upset over two-seed Arizona, catapulted the men’s team into a national phenomenon, even in a year with so many other upsets. Yet, despite an unfortunate exit last Friday to three-seed Creighton University in the Sweet 16, the unexpectedness of Princeton’s success seems rooted in something more than their status as a 15-seed in the tournament. 

Atypical Winter

(03/01/23 7:05am)

As snow flurries settled on my cheeks this weekend, this sudden burst of winter felt almost refreshing. Just days before, the piled-up snow on the Green had all but entirely melted, teasing at an early spring. As a significant downfall of snow sent many of us out to A Lot to shovel out our cars (happily even!), it’s worth thinking about how this winter’s unseasonable warmth has changed the experience of being in Hanover for the ceremonious kickoff of 2023. 

Q&A with art history professor Adedoyin Teriba

(01/18/23 7:10am)

Adedoyin Teriba, a professor of art history, is already building a strong foundation at Dartmouth, after joining the faculty in the fall. With a focus on the architecture of African diasporic communities and West Africa, Teriba brings a forward-thinking, multidisciplinary view to his classes here at Dartmouth. His current book project is “Architecture’s Figures: Assimilation and Cultures in Colonial Nigeria,” which also investigates the interplay of architectural forms and masquerade processions in southwest Nigeria.

A Soundtrack to Go With Your Latte?

(10/19/22 6:20am)

We all know it. We all love it. We all wish that our favorite back-of-Baker almost-Starbucks would stay open until the midnight hour DDS promises it will. There’s something about Novack — the nighttime oasis, the constant chatting, run-into-your-freshman-year-fling atmosphere that we all collectively can’t stay away from, no matter how long the line is. This week five, I decided to take a moment each day to soak up the songs, the energy and the overall vibes of Novack Cafe during 22F.

Along for the Ride: For One Weekend, Families Attend Dartmouth Too

(10/05/22 6:15am)

This weekend, as the leaves started to shift into brilliant reds and oranges, thousands of parents and loved ones descended on Hanover to reunite with family members from the Classes of 2023 and 2026. We connected with a few of the visiting parents to gauge the important — and sometimes invisible — role parents play in our college community.