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Arts Mexico to feature Limón Dance Co.

(03/29/06 10:00am)

Founded by the celebrated dancer Jose Limn, who was born in Mexico and began his career in New York City, the Limn Dance Company is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Limn himself studied under Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman before eventually founding the Limn Company in 1946. He is currently regarded as one of the most significant pioneers of modern dance.

'The Heidi Chronicles' to debut on Wednesday night

(08/02/05 9:00am)

It's the last round of rehearsals, and the stage crew in Moore Theater is finishing up the last touches to the set. On the stage are large black-and-white panels depicting iconic figures from the last few decades. An enormous movie screen, specially built for the set by one of the cast members, hangs behind the panels. The last dress rehearsal is only hours away, and the cast and crew of Summer term's main-stage production are getting revved up for the opening night.

'Yerba Buena' prepares for BEMA Concert

(07/28/05 9:00am)

Yerba Buena has been described as a border-crossing melange of salsa, meringue, hip-hop, funk, Brazilian bahia, samba, Colombian cumbia, Spanish flamenco, Balkan gypsy music and Manhattan street sounds. Whatever that means, exactly, Dartmouth students will discover for themselves when the band plays the BEMA on July 30, as part of Encuentro Latino -- A Dartmouth Summer Arts Festival.

Mural narrates struggles of Latino community in America

(07/05/05 9:00am)

As part of the Encuentro Latino Dartmouth Summer Arts Festival, painter Ernesto Cuevas '98 returned to Dartmouth on Saturday, July 2 to help create a collaborative mural in the Latin American, Latino and Caribbean House. Cuevas has returned to his alma mater several times to work on creative artistic pieces with current students.

Asking around campus: Arts on the streets and in the dorms

(10/07/04 9:00am)

When Mikey Saladik '06 and Elliott May '06 are not screaming "Huck!" while running bare-chested with doe-like grace alongside other ultra-lush ultimate-Frisbee-playing golden gods (merely a very condensed paraphrasing of the general consensus of freshmen girls), they can probably be found dancing naked to "Dance Naked" (John Mellencamp) or other such ultimate-appropriate-sounding music.

Nathanson and Sanders cajole in Collis

(02/02/04 11:00am)

In one of the most impressive concerts to hit Collis Commonground this year, Matt Nathanson and opener Blu Sanders performed Saturday night to an enthusiastic audience. Sanders, a quietly charming Texan with a lone acoustic guitar, warmed up the audience with a mellow and slightly plaintive repertoire, while Matt Nathanson brilliantly revved the crowd with his off-beat jokes and obviously immense talent.

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