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On Taking Up Space

(06/09/18 6:05am)

College is weird. Part extended summer camp, part boarding school for semi-grownups, part elitist neoliberal institution, part academia machine, college means different things to different people, but no one really knows what it’s going to be like until they’re there. My first impression of Dartmouth was of miles and miles of trees. On the drive up, my mom and I felt like we were headed to the middle of nowhere — coming from dry, dusty southern California, I had never seen so many trees in my life. It felt like I was entering a different world.

Fifteen students allege three professors created 'hostile academic environment'

(11/18/17 8:31pm)

In allegations that span multiple generations of graduate students, four students in Dartmouth’s department of psychological and brain sciences told The Dartmouth this week that three professors now under investigation by the College and state prosecutors created a hostile academic environment that they allege included excessive drinking, favoritism and behaviors that they considered to be sexual harassment.

Heatherton investigation related to 'out-of-state matter' according to attorneys

(11/01/17 10:41pm)

The investigation of psychology and brain sciences professor Todd Heatherton is related to an “out-of-state matter,” Heatherton’s attorneys said in a statement Wednesday. The investigation of Heatherton is unrelated to the investigations of professors Bill Kelley and Paul Whalen, according to the attorneys.

Bike-sharing service Zagster will launch at College in fall

(07/07/16 10:29pm)

When Hannah Carlino ’17 found herself late to class every day walking from the Thayer School of Engineering to the Life Sciences Center sophomore year, she had the idea to bring a bike-sharing service to campus. Last winter, she partnered with Nick Ford ’17 to solve this problem, and their solution will come to life this fall. Fifty bikes at eight different stations will arrive on campus in early September, via bike-sharing company Zagster. Students and other community members will be able to rent the bikes using a phone app, though pricing is currently unknown.

Kuster ’78 shares sexual assault story before Congress

(06/30/16 10:42pm)

When Rep. Ann McLane Kuster '78, D-N.H., was sexually assaulted as a freshman at the College, she kept silent about the assault for more than 40 years. Last week, Kuster took to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives to speak out about the assault at Dartmouth for the first time, in addition to two others she experienced while working as a congressional aide.

Zoning board rehears SAE case

(06/23/16 11:00pm)

The Hanover Zoning Board of Adjustment held a public rehearing yesterday regarding Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity’s status as a student residence under Hanover zoning laws. At the rehearing, attorney Carolyn Cole and SAE trustee Jeremy Katz ’95 attempted to refute new evidence presented by the College before the zoning board and an audience of about 15 people. The zoning board will provide a final ruling next week.

Editor's Note

(05/20/16 12:40am)

When we started thinking about what the topic of gender means, we realized that it is incredibly broad. Gender is an integral part of our identities, and thus plays a role in almost everything we do. As gender has risen to the forefront of national discussion, particularly in the context of politics, we wanted to explore how these different issues and experiences manifest here on campus. Dartmouth’s gender dynamics are somewhat complex — the College was all-male for the first 202 years of its history — so it wasn’t a surprise to us that we found widely varying experiences and feelings over the course of our partnership.

Master’s of public health degree to be offered online

(02/25/16 12:21am)

In August, The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice will launch its online master of public health program for the first time. In addition to online lectures and projects, the two-year program will also include six short residential periods where students convene on campus to meet each other and their professors, TDI academic director for education Alice Andrews said.

Two Dartmouth professors win at BioArts competition

(01/26/16 12:51am)

In addition to innovative and influential discovery, scientific research can also generate stunning images, biology professor Mary Lou Guerinot said. Two Dartmouth research labs, led by Guerinot and fellow biology professor Thomas Jack, proved this in their 2015 BioArt competition wins for their magnified photos of Arabidopsis thaliana, a flowering plant.