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Trustees approve site for new dorm building

(09/25/18 6:35am)

The Board of Trustees approved three projects in its fall meeting, including funds to proceed with the schematic design phase for the construction of a 350-bed dormitory at the intersection of Crosby and East Wheelock streets, across from Topliff Hall and next to the Alumni Gymnasium, where three tennis courts and House Center A, commonly known as “the Onion,” currently stand.

James Mattis speaks to government class

(09/24/18 7:00am)

Combining matters of foreign policy with a message of citizen involvement, United States Secretary of Defense James Mattis delivered remarks to around 200 Dartmouth students, faculty and staff on Friday, speaking about his goals as Secretary of Defense and making a call to action that reaffirmed citizens’ role as the “connective tissue” between the military and “other parts of democracy” in the United States.

Dartmouth hosts math conference

(07/27/18 6:55am)

The College hosted the 30th annual conference on Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics on campus last week. At the event, over 230 mathematicians from over 25 countries explored research and findings within the field of combinatorics — the branch of mathematics that deals with combinations of objects in specific sets under certain constraints — with a specific focus on algebraic combinatorics.

Conference honors Cornel West's work

(07/20/18 6:35am)

First published in 1993 on the anniversary of the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles, Cornel West’s “Race Matters” offers a critical examination of multiracial democracy in America. Twenty-five years later, West’s work still informs race relations in the United States — an observation that was highlighted by speakers at the Race Matters@25 conference hosted by Dartmouth at the Hopkins Center for the Arts from July 13-15.

Editors' Note

(07/13/18 6:35am)

 Summer school is usually a punishment­ — an undesirable consequence that should be avoided at all costs. At Dartmouth, however, we embrace summer school. We partake in traditions new and old, we take classes we would never normally think to take and we explore relationships with the people we will spend the most time with during our time at Dartmouth. We see summer school for the hidden gem that it is.

Over 700 gather on Green to protest Trump administration's immigration policies

(07/01/18 4:02pm)

Joining protestors across the country on Saturday, a crowd of approximately 700 Upper Valley community members gathered on the Green to demonstrate against the Trump administration’s immigration policies, which have resulted in the separation and detention of families at the U.S. border. The Hanover protest, organized by Democrats of the Town of Hanover and sponsored by the Dartmouth College Democrats, was a part of the nationwide “Families Belong Together” protests organized by MoveOn, the American Civil Liberties Union and Women’s March, among other groups.

College releases enrollment expansion report

(04/11/18 6:10am)

Roughly one month after the Board of Trustees announced that the College will not expand its student body, the Office of the President published the Enrollment Expansion Task Force Report. College President Phil Hanlon and the Board of Trustees commissioned the report last August to create a hypothetical implementation plan for increasing undergraduate enrollment by 10 to 25 percent, and to identify the opportunities and challenges that might come with such enrollment growth.

Q&A with Ph.D. student and smartwatch designer Jun Gong

(05/25/17 6:00am)

To overcome problems originating from stationary smartwatches, researchers at Dartmouth College and the University of Waterloo created a smartwatch that is able to move on its own. Jun Gong, a computer science Ph.D. student in the human computer interaction field at Dartmouth, collaborated with Dartmouth computer science professor Xing Dong Yang, graduate student at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Lan Li and University of Waterloo professor Daniel Vogel to create Cito, an actuated, moveable smartwatch. Gong recently presented Cito at the Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, called CHI, in Denver, Colorado.

Anatomical Gifts Program will honor donors at service

(05/12/17 6:05am)

While technology and computer simulations have become more efficacious in modeling the human body, many medical schools continue the tradition of using human cadavers for anatomical instruction. Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine is just one of the schools that continue to place value on cadaver-based teaching, and each spring, Geisel’s Anatomical Gifts Program conducts a memorial service honoring the anatomical donors whose bodies are used in the first-year anatomy class.

Divest Dartmouth members gather in Hanlon's office hours

(05/10/17 7:05am)

On Tuesday, approximately 20 students gathered at College President Phil Hanlon’s open office hours to demonstrate support for fossil fuel divestment. In an email publicizing the demonstration, members of Divest Dartmouth wrote that while they have attended Hanlon’s office hours multiple times this year, each time, they left Parkhurst Hall “frustrated with [Hanlon’s] lack of transparency and obvious stalling tactics.” As a result, the group made efforts to recruit “new faces” in order to show Hanlon the extent of student body support of fossil fuel divestment as a move toward climate justice, according to the email.

New Hampshire proposition aims to tighten voting requirements

(05/02/17 6:00am)

The waves of purported voter fraud that swept the U.S. during this past voting season have spurred the proposition of Senate Bill 3 in the New Hampshire Legislature by state Republicans — a measure that some have claimed threatens student voting in future elections by changing definitions of residency within the state.

Turning Point USA launches campus chapter

(04/25/17 6:05am)

Last Tuesday, Dartmouth’s new Turning Point USA chapter held its first public event. The chapter, which was founded by Connor Turner ’20 and Tyler Baum ’20, is a part of the larger TPUSA group that has appeared on many college campuses and high schools across the country and is known for its founder, conservative activist Charlie Kirk, and its Professor Watchlist, on which Dartmouth’s women’s, gender and sexuality studies professor Eng-Beng Lim was listed.

Students organize female write-in campaign for Student Assembly positions

(04/17/17 6:55am)

The current of gender disparity in government, which has long been experienced nationally and locally, is being felt on Dartmouth’s campus as springtime elections open tonight. In spite of the growing awareness of this imbalance as well as concerted efforts to create equal opportunities for student leadership on campus, the candidate pool remains markedly male. There is one woman candidate for each of the two sections of Student Assembly — president and vice president, and house senate — and this is the third year in a row in which there are are no female candidates for SA president, both on the ballot or as a write-in.

College sells farm to be added to the Appalachian Trail

(04/11/17 6:15am)

On March 22, Dartmouth and The Trust for Public Land, in collaboration with the town of Hanover and Hanover Conservancy, completed a $1.84 million transaction to sell the College’s Hudson Farm property to the TPL. The TPL, which is a nonprofit organization, then transferred the property to the National Park Service to add it to the Appalachian Trail, which spans from Maine to Georgia.

Geisel students celebrate Match Day

(03/31/17 6:10am)

On March 17, 67 Geisel School of Medicine students celebrated Match Day and found out where they will spend the next three to seven years completing their medical residency training. According to Geisel’s interim senior associate dean for medical education Greg Ogrinc, primary care was the most popular specialty choice among Geisel students for the second year in a row, with 29 choosing residencies in family medicine, internal medicine or pediatrics. After primary care, the next most popular specialties were general surgery, anesthesiology and psychiatry, and California, Massachusetts and New York were the most popular destinations. In 2016, 81 graduating students matched, with 41 students going into primary care and the most popular locations being California, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York.

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