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Adkins: ChatGPT Threatens Personability and Credibility in Journalism

(05/26/23 8:20am)

The last few months have been filled with conversations about ChatGPT, a language-based AI that answers user questions with a detailed response. Users can input questions ranging from “find me a recipe” to “summarize Titanic.” We all seem to be attempting to understand this artificially intelligent chat bot, while staying wary of its potential dangers. Though ChatCPT has many potential benefits, I argue that its use in journalism poses flaws and even dangers.

Adkins: The Case for High Speed Rail in the US

(02/21/23 9:00am)

To start this winter term at Dartmouth, I took an Amtrak from New York City to White River Junction. As I sat on the train for the seven-hour journey, I couldn’t help but imagine how little time a similar route would take in a place like Europe or Southeast Asia. In Japan, a train ride from Tokyo to Osaka — a journey 30 miles longer than New York City to White River Junction — would take just over two hours. Now, this may not be the best example, as White River Junction is much more rural than Osaka, but let’s apply this comparison to a 300-mile train ride from Boston to Philadelphia, an equidistant journey to the Japan example. I found that a $125 (at the cheapest) Amtrak train ride would take up to six hours. For 35 dollars less, a 300-mile ride from Paris to London would take about two hours. In Europe, traveling via train is incredibly efficient and cheap. 

Adkins: Why People Don’t Want to Work

(11/10/22 9:00am)

The recent labor shortage in the United States has left many wondering why it seems that Americans do not want to work. We have seen three million more eligible workers choose to leave the workforce compared to February of 2020 according to The United States Chamber of Commerce. Despite what your boomer parents may have to say about the work ethics of Gen Zs and millennials during your Thanksgiving meal, workers have elected to stay away from the workforce for valid reasons. In short, people understand that current working conditions in many companies are simply not worth the limited amount of compensation.