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The Case for Due Process

(11/19/99 11:00am)

In a letter to the community dated November 15, 1999 dealing with recent incidents of anti-Semitism, Dean of the College James A. Larimore assured us that "...the College will follow its own rules of due process in pursuing any disciplinary action and will diligently work to ensure that the process is fair." I truly hope that that is the case, because the next few paragraphs will describe to you a recent disciplinary action in which the College did not follow those rules and which was decidedly less than fair.

Credit Where Credit is Due

(08/05/99 9:00am)

It's really high time that someone get public credit for the generally outstanding food service that we get here at Dartmouth. Yup, that's right ... I said outstanding. You know, you wouldn't know it from the way that many Dartmouth students and some of my fellow D columnists put it, but in comparison to most any other college in the country, and definitely our sister Ivy League schools, Dartmouth stands head and shoulders above the pack in terms of selection, value and flexibility. Many people deserve credit for this success, and foremost among them is Dartmouth Dining Services Director Tucker Rossiter, who has ensured that DDS gives students what we need and, in most cases, all we want, despite an administrative and financial structure which is hostile to that goal.

A Lack of Tact?

(05/21/99 9:00am)

Is it possible that Dartmouth Trustee Susan Dentzer '77 just has no tact? It can't be! After all, she is a well-respected correspondent for The News Hour with Jim Lehrer on PBS, so she has obviously learned to choose her words carefully at some point along the way. Maybe she just doesn't get it ...

A Little Teamwork

(04/08/99 9:00am)

C'mon, I mean how often do you read a column in this publication dedicated to how well the College administration (or at least some small part thereof) has worked with students in pursuit of a student goal? In light of what has taken up most of this space in recent months (i.e. the recently-crowned "Sun King" and his cronies denying student suffrage in trustee elections and, oh yeah, that minor Greek system issue), we really do need to seek out and laud those administrative departments who are actually working with us, rather than in spite of us. Bet you can't guess where I'm going with this one ... give up? Kiewit.

If One Person Doesn't Like Someone...

(06/02/98 9:00am)

Almost three years ago, the 1999 Class Council elected Frode Eilertsen to be its class president. Since then, the '99 Council has reelected Eilertsen as its president, and the entire campus has determined that he should serve as Student Assembly president. Not a shabby record -- for three years, significant portions of the student body have decided that Frode would best serve to represent their concerns to the administration.

Let's Rethink COSO

(05/20/98 9:00am)

A few weeks ago, The Dartmouth reported that the Council on Student Organizations -- which many of us know simply as "COSO" -- was considering new standards for student publications, including a ban on anonymously printed submissions and warnings about article content. Over the past few terms, we've all heard about COSO meeting to consider allegedly racist pieces in the Dartmouth Jack-O-Lantern humor magazine and denying funding to Uncommon Threads for failing to submit its request on time.

It's Not Easy Being Kiewit

(05/05/98 9:00am)

It's not easy being Kiewit ... at least not in the past two weeks. Think about it for a second. Not only do Director Larry Levine and his staff have students beating down their doors about the new policy in public printing (distribution on the half-hour) and the new strict enforcement of the ban against printing multiple copies, but they have, in the past week or so, had to weather the storms of leaving nearly one-fourth of the campus without BlitzMail for extended periods of time and almost losing the student records of the financial aid and admissions offices. All in all, I would say that Computing Services has had better weeks.

Thoughts on Objectivity

(04/23/98 9:00am)

According to Webster's, "monopoly" means "exclusive control of a commodity or service in a particular market or a control which makes possible the manipulation of prices." America has enacted very strict statutes barring monopolies from most areas of business because of this ability to manipulate and holding those which are allowed to heightened standards of responsibility and ethical behavior. Let us not forget, though, that monopolies which can manipulate information rather than prices are equally if not more dangerous to society and must also be held to higher standards. Unfortunately -- and getting to the point of this column -- some aren't ...

Here's to Hoping

(04/07/98 9:00am)

In the week following the announcement of James Freedman's resignation as President of Dartmouth College, I penned a column in these pages which, in the spirit of a more conducive environment to student influence in the decision-making processes of the College, expressed the hope that our current "Jimmy-O" would not be replaced by yet another "Jimmy." As yesterday's announcement seemed to jump-start my career as a "prophet of doom," perhaps a closer look at what we might expect from our President-designate is in order.

Let Me Make This Clear

(02/09/98 11:00am)

Lest some on campus continue to vilify me as a crusader for temperance and an enemy of the Greek system, I want to clarify the remarks I made two weeks ago about alcohol and its role on campus. I am disturbed that the message I was trying to convey was ignored in favor of charges that I am a bleeding-heart ally of the administration in its supposed quest to destroy social life at Dartmouth. I apologize for allowing my comments to be unclear.

Berry Library: Dartmouth Community Should Have Been Consulted Sooner

(11/25/97 11:00am)

I don't think that we have a problem of process; I think we have a problem of result." With those words, Provost James Wright closed the public meeting convened in Cook Auditorium on November 12th to address concerns raised about the design of the new Berry addition to Baker Library. It's a good thing that Provost Wright at least acknowledged the problem with the result of the Berry design, or else he might have been attacked by an angry mob of faculty members convened there to express their support for or concerns about the design submitted by architect Robert Venturi.

Parking Regulations Should Be Rational

(11/20/97 11:00am)

Last Tuesday night, I left Collis and walked to my car, which I had parked in the driveway between Collis and Thayer. I had left the car there at approximately 6:45pm, and had returned to it at about 8:15 only to find an ominous little green envelope held in place by the windshield wiper. The Dartmouth College Parking Citation informed me that I was in violation of the Dartmouth Parking and Traffic Regulations as I had parked in a no parking zone. Rewind to the preceding Friday.

Lone Pine Tavern: Great Dining Alternative if DDS Doesn't Get in the Way

(10/01/97 9:00am)

If any of you have been down to Lone Pine Tavern so far this term, you are well aware that a summer augmentation of the menu has almost doubled the number of offerings served last spring. This expansion included not only more of Lone Pine's trademark sandwiches, but also a diversification of offerings including salads, personal pizzas, and made to order baked potatoes. Sounds great, right? The only table service establishment in Dartmouth Dining Services (DDS) now has a much-improved menu to go along with its famous cream sodas, beer and wine offerings, and tavern atmosphere. Your options are considerably lessened, though, when you get to ordering and find out from your friendly waiter or waitress that half of the offerings on the menu aren't even in stock.

Dartmouth Continues To Be 'Not a Democracy'

(09/23/97 9:00am)

Last Wednesday marked the arrival in Hanover of the newest members of the Dartmouth Community -- the Class of 2001. As the members of the first class of students which will actually graduate in the next millennium swarmed over the Hanover Plain, they unknowingly became the latest in the lineage of Dartmouth students who were and are completely unenfranchised in the decision-making process which governs the College.

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