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Through the Lens of Lentz

(11/22/11 4:00am)

The combination of the Giants' loss to the Eagles last night and the fact that it is Thanksgiving week means I am going to use my ace in the hole I am going to write about the results of my betting column from earlier this term ("Through the Lens of Lentz," Sept. 27). In other words, I am too annoyed to think of anything else at the moment. Let's get started.

Through the Lens of Lentz

(10/11/11 2:00am)

Last week I suggested that we have more home football games at night and an Ivy League championship game for the sport ("Through the Lens of Lentz," Oct. 4). Two weeks ago, I wrote on the need to change the Class of 1953 Commons ("Through the Lens of Lentz," Sept. 27). This week there will be more suggestions. There will be movie references. What would we have if the noner columnist had his druthers? Well, let's find out.

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