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Coppola: Globalization is on the Ballot

(11/03/16 4:15am)

Historical elections will take place this month, not only in the United States. In France, Les Républicains will choose the candidate to represent them in the 2017 presidential election. Barring any surprises, this candidate will likely be the next French president, especially considering the catastrophic ratings of current President François Hollande of the French Socialist Party and the fact that Marine Le Penn of the National Front’s extremism makes it difficult for her to win a general election. In Italy, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has called for a constitutional referendum, which has been fiercely opposed by the Populist Party. The results of this referendum will decide the fate of his government. Since it is currently one of the few moderate and seemingly stable governments in Europe, a chaotic Italy, especially after the Brexit vote in Great Britain, could lead to increasing instability. And in the U.S. our presidential election is on Nov. 8.

Coppola: The American Berlusconi

(10/06/16 4:30am)

“I don’t need to go into office for the power. I have houses all over the world, stupendous boats... beautiful airplanes, a beautiful wife, a beautiful family... I am making a sacrifice.” One would probably think that these words belong to this year’s Republican candidate for the presidency, Donald Trump. Yet these words were said long before Trump, in 1994 when another businessman sought to govern his country. His name was Silvio Berlusconi.