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Editors' Note

(05/18/07 6:28am)

After a term marked by freak snowstorms that lasted through April, this month it finally felt as though spring had arrived. It looks like we were all wrong. With rain predicted through the weekend, it looks as though this year's Green Key might be a repeat of last year's mud-soaked debauchery.

Urban realty company targets recent grads

(05/15/07 6:11am)

After toughing it through four years of college and the grueling search for a job, graduates might think that the worst is over -- until they attempt to find an apartment. Urban Grad Realty, founded by George Washington University dropout Jonathan Iger, is one company that promises to ease the burdens of such a search from the beginning stages of locating an apartment to the final stages of settling in.

'Syriana' producer, writer discuss movie industry

(04/26/07 5:50am)

Kacandes, now vice president for Paramount Vantage Pictures, first entered the field of cinema when she dated a New York University film student. While dating the young man, she played an integral part in many of his projects and grew familiar with the NYU film community. After her initial exposure to film, Kacandes realized her calling and enrolled in NYU film school.

Daily Debriefing

(04/17/07 5:49am)

The student loan company Sallie Mae will be bought by J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and two other New York-based private equity firms for $25 billion, Sallie Mae announced Monday. The company, which currently controls 23 percent of the nation's student loans, is the country's largest college student lender. The buyout agreement stipulates that Sallie Mae receive $200 billion in funding from the two banks - money that will allow the company to continue providing low-cost loans, even if it faces limited capital access in the future. The sale will likely raise concern among government officials and consumer advocacy groups, The New York Times reported. Sallie Mae has faced scrutiny from several Washington officials, who have argued for an end to the federal subsidies the company currently receives.

Spring breakers say no to Cancun, yes to Eagle Butte

(04/05/07 9:00am)

Buffalo meat, corn and instant mashed potatoes -- most Dartmouth students have never had to prepare a meal using only these ingredients. Cinnamon Spears '09 and Miigis Gonzalez '07, however, spent the majority of their spring vacation creating a menu out of these foods daily for a group of 50 to 75 children the Main, an after-school center on an Indian reservation in Eagle Butte, S.D.

Daily Debriefing

(02/21/07 11:00am)

A nation's happiness is inversely correlated with its citizens' blood pressure problems, suggests a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Warwick and Dartmouth economics professor David Blanchflower. The findings will be published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, based in Massachusetts. "Perhaps blood-pressure readings will one day replace or augment GDP as a measure of the success of a country," University of Warwick Professor Andrew Oswald said. "Maybe economists and doctors are going to have to work together in the design of future economic policies." The research was based on a random sample of 15,000 people across Europe, who were then interviewed with regard to their health and contentment. The study ranks Sweden as Europe's happiest and healthiest country, while Portugal is found to be the least happy and healthy.

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