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Q&A with jewelry studio director Jeff Georgantes

(08/19/22 7:05am)

The Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio, situated in the basement of the Hopkins Center for the Arts, provides an open studio space for students who are interested in making jewelry and metalsmithing. The space is equipped with student workbenches that feature a variety of jewelry-making tools, as well as professional jewelry artists and trained student assistants to mentor students hoping to learn more about the craft. The Dartmouth sat down with studio director Jeff Georgantes to learn more about what resources the space offers and how it contributes to the broader Dartmouth community.

A Tale of Wedding Tails

(08/05/22 7:15am)

In recent weeks, Greek houses across campus have been gathering amongst themselves for a classic Dartmouth tradition: wedding tails. The basic premise? A sorority and fraternity pair up, and one person from each house acts as a bride and groom, respectively. The two houses then host a faux wedding for their chosen couple, complete with an unofficial officiator, vows, bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Students design, create mural in Irving Institute atrium

(07/29/22 5:00am)

In fall 2021, a team of students received a challenge: How could they make the energy efficiency of the Irving Institute for Energy and Society more visible to everyday visitors of the building? In response, the team commissioned a mural, which a group of student artists then conceptualized in the spring. The mural is now visible to the public in the atrium of the Irving Center. 

Q&A with Hopkins Center executive director Mary Lou Aleskie

(07/29/22 5:05am)

With plans for the renovation of the Hopkins Center for the Arts underway, executive director of the Hop Mary Lou Aleskie has committed to serving in the role for another term. Aleskie began in the position in 2017, and during her first term, the College announced an $88 million dollar expansion to the Hop. The Dartmouth sat down with Aleskie to discuss her role as executive director and what she hopes the renovation of the Hop will bring to the local arts community.

Smooth Sailing Ahead: Spotlight on Summer Sailing Lessons

(07/08/22 7:05am)

Just 13 miles from campus on Mascoma Lake lies the Dartmouth Yacht Club. Home to a secluded beach and fleet of sailboats, the club also serves as the site of various instructional sailing programs during the summer months. This includes sailing camps for children, adult lessons and Dartmouth Physical Education sailing classes, which provide beginner sailing lessons to Dartmouth students.

Editors' Note

(06/01/22 6:00am)

Well, this is it. We’ve reached the end of the road this spring, and somehow, even as the exhaustion is settling in, we’re not quite ready to leave. Such is the nature of the 10-week term: During week seven, it feels like all we want is to be done, but when we finally arrive at the finish line, the goodbyes feel more daunting than our finals. 

Editors' Note

(05/25/22 6:00am)

Well, it looks like week nine is finally upon us. Now that Green Key is over, there is nothing standing in the way of us and our impending finals. Before we know it, we’ll be hunkering down in the stacks writing that final paper, or perhaps we’ll be hunched over a desk inside a windowless lecture hall rushing to finish a timed exam. 

“There’s a huge sense of fear”: Discussion of date-rape substance use increased during the last two terms, students say

(05/24/22 9:10am)

During the second week of spring term, a member of the Class of 2024 — who requested anonymity to speak candidly about her experiences — said she heard rumors of an increase in date-rape drug use, also known as roofying, around campus. This was the first time she heard such rumors, she said. 

Editors' Note

(05/18/22 6:00am)

Can you believe it’s already week eight? Sometimes, the passage of time simply gets away from us. It really does feel like just yesterday that we were rolling up to campus after an all-too-short spring break — and now we’re publishing our third-to-last Editors’ Note of the term. Summer is on the horizon, and despite our excitement, there is also uncertainty in the air. 

Editors’ Note

(05/04/22 6:00am)

Well, it’s that time of the term again. Whether you’re recovering from an onslaught of midterms or you’re still busy hitting the books, it seems that burnout has become a nearly ubiquitous sentiment. It can sometimes be hard to find the space to breathe between the never-ending list of papers, problem sets and projects.

Editors' Note

(04/27/22 6:00am)

Spring at Dartmouth holds a strange tension between beginnings and endings. We wait with bated breath for the first blooms, the first sunny days, the first dip into the river and the first time wearing shorts. At the same time, for every graduating senior, it’s a season of lasts: Last term, last first day of classes, last Last Chances — the list goes on.

Editors' Note

(04/20/22 6:00am)

Why does it feel like every time the sun comes out, it’s close to freezing the next day? We would love for Hanover weather to pick a lane, but unfortunately, we know this season all too well to expect that. Springtime here is unpredictable, and it sometimes feels like Dartmouth is hot-and-cold in more ways than just the weather. 

Editors' Note

(04/13/22 6:00am)

It’s week three, and I’m already losing my mind. Normally that’s a week eight problem, but something about this spring just hits different. There’s nothing quite like a sunny afternoon on the Green, but it’s always accompanied by a wave of exhaustion when the sun goes down. Maybe it’s the unrelenting stream of parties, darties and daily dips to join, or the fact that we are still in school — even when it feels a bit like summer camp. Whatever it is, I’m finding week three to be equal parts joyful and draining, and the reports from this week’s writers seem to corroborate it.

Editors' Note

(04/06/22 6:00am)

It’s crazy to think that just two years ago, many of us were shut inside the confines of our homes after campus was abruptly emptied. Now, we’ve regained a sense of normalcy that hasn’t been seen since early 2020. Masks are off. Nights are on. It finally feels like, for the first time, the “real Dartmouth” is creeping out of the shadows of the pandemic. Many of us have lived here for months — even years — but we have never felt the authentic pulse of our community until now.

Editors' Note

(03/30/22 6:00am)

Spring is upon us, but unlike the Mirror’s editorial staff, it seems like Hanover weather is not under new management. Each 50-degree day feels like a tease, and last weekend’s first green blossoms find themselves yet again covered in snow. Students are arriving back on campus in droves: some sunburnt, others jet-lagged and almost all unprepared for the First Real Spring since COVID-19.

Wordle Me This: How Can a Mini-Game Build Community?

(03/02/22 7:20am)

No matter what I’m doing, when the clock strikes midnight, I drop everything and open up the day’s Wordle. The premise of the online word game is simple: A player has six tries to guess one five letter word, which changes every day. After each guess, the player learns how close their word was to the answer, and they can use that information to guide their next attempt. 

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