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Old traditions remain

(04/19/17 6:20am)

Okay, I’ll admit it. I bought my first Patagonia sweater the summer before I came to Dartmouth with the expectation that it would not only be useful, but also that every student would probably own one. Like many others at Dartmouth, I succumbed to the pressure of wanting to match my peers when I altered my wardrobe. In many cases, however, conformity at Dartmouth reaches beyond a fashion statement.

March Madness at Dartmouth

(03/29/17 6:02am)

Dartmouth’s men’s basketball team has not appeared in the NCAA Tournament since 1959, and it seems unlikely that it will do so in the near future. However, that does not stop numerous students at the College from joining the March Madness craze. What drives students to spend countless hours doing research, watching basketball games on television and debating opinions with friends? It’s all in the “madness.”

The future is in your hands

(02/08/17 7:20am)

Just for a second, take yourself back to the elementary school playground. Do you remember how easy it was to be a psychic when you were a child? By folding a sheet of a blank paper, labeling sections with colors and numbers and choosing your own messages to put beneath the flaps, you became a fortune teller on the playground. Perhaps you believed it was fate when your friend played the game and the message revealed, “A boy in your class likes you,” became true later in the day. And while your fortunes were not always accurate, you continued to play for the thrilling possibility that you could tell the future.

Battle of the funnies with Dog Day and Casual Thursday

(01/25/17 7:25am)

While you may have seen Dartmouth’s two improv groups, Dog Day Players or Casual Thursday, perform at a fraternity or campus event, you have not seen them like this before. With constant laughs in between, Dog Day members Walker Schneider ’19, Andres Smith ’17 and Brooke Bazarian ’20 sat down with Casual Thursday members Lily Eisner ’18 and Simon Ellis ’20 to discuss the differences between the groups and their shared love of improv.

Cool Runnings

(10/05/16 4:26am)

There is something constant about running. Whether it is the recurring movement of your feet below you, the wind bracing your cheek or the blurred colors passing by, running becomes smooth and continuous. Within this repetition, runners often find that other thoughts or concerns fade away, and they are left solely with a clear mind.

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