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For the Love of the Game

(05/20/13 2:00am)

This will be my final article for The D's sports section and with it, I must arrive at the sad but necessary realization that my time in Hanover is almost at an end. I could write some 800-word retrospective on my "Dartmouth experience" but since you'll probably hear or read something like that a million times over the next three weeks, especially if you're a '13, I'll spare you this time.

For the Love of the Game

(04/29/13 2:00am)

The NHL playoffs start this week, which means I get to continue one of my favorite spring traditions: jumping on the Boston Bruins bandwagon. I have watched about two and a half NHL games this season and one of those didn't involve the Bruins, so to call myself a die-hard would be disingenuous. Nevertheless, I plan to watch as many Bruins postseason games as possible. Jonathan, meet bandwagon.

For the Love of the Game

(04/22/13 2:00am)

April 20 is famous, or infamous, for a number of things. In 1889, Klara Polzl gave birth to Adolf Hitler in Branau am Inn, Austria. In 1916, the Chicago Cubs played their first National League game at Weeghman Park, now known Wrigley Field, and 97 years later, they still have not won a world series. And every year, April 20 is celebrated as an unofficial international holiday by the cannabis culture, which I do not consider myself a part of.

For the Love of the Game

(04/15/13 2:00am)

Yesterday marked the conclusion of the 77th Masters Tournament, and if you are reading this column, you are no doubt aware that the Masters is one of the crown jewels of the American sporting year. CBS, which broadcasts the tournament annually, likes to remind viewers that the golf tournament is "a tradition unlike any other" and while this is partially true, in many ways the Masters is quite similar to a variety of sporting events around the world.

For the Love of the Game

(03/25/13 3:00am)

For every person who reaches their goal in sports, there are from 10 to 100 times as many who don't. I am going to look past childhood dreams of winning the Super Bowl or going to the Olympics because, while those pay off for a select few, they are little more than a pipe dream. They might come true once in a blue moon, but since only 53 people win the Super Bowl every year, the probability that you grow up to be one of them is astronomically low.