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Hanlon knew of sexual misconduct claims against Michigan administrator while provost, report finds

(08/14/20 9:10am)

College President Phil Hanlon, as University of Michigan provost, was aware of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against a former professor and administrator when he recommended him for a promotion to the dean of U-M’s School of Public Health, according to an independent investigation into years of alleged misconduct released by the university on July 31. 

Editor's Note

(08/14/20 6:00am)

Sophomore summers are usually filled with idle days spent swimming in the Connecticut River and long nights spent trying yet another flavor at Ice Cream Fore-U. The summer provides a unique opportunity for Dartmouth students to enjoy the beauty of New England while bonding as a class. This year — with the Class of 2022 spread out across the globe amidst a global pandemic — is noticeably different. 

Commitment to the Cause: A Look Into Hunger Strikes on College Campuses

(08/14/20 7:00am)

When Dartmouth Ph.D. student Maha Hasan Alshawi went on a hunger strike in protest of the College’s handling of her allegations of harassment and retaliatory academic action by two computer science professors, other Dartmouth students supported her in various ways, including through public sit-ins, a petition and hashtags on social media. Hunger strikes, like Alshawi’s, have a long and robust history on college campuses.  

Cashman takes the reigns of men’s hockey program with uncertainty ahead

(08/07/20 6:00am)

After longtime coach Bob Gaudet ’81 stepped down from his 23-year post with the Big Green men’s hockey team, many were quick to note that the new coaching staff had “big skates to fill,” to say the least. On June 1, athletics director Harry Sheehy announced that Reid Cashman, former star Quinnipiac University defenseman and Washington Capitals assistant coach, would be stepping into those skates. 

Laster: Sink or Swim?

(08/07/20 6:10am)

As a member of the Dartmouth swimming and diving team, it is hard to put into words how incredibly upsetting it was to hear of the administration's decision to cut the team. It is clear that the current Dartmouth administration has completely neglected its primary responsibility — Dartmouth students — in its attempt at total reorganization and overhaul. 

Nearly 1,000 Dartmouth community members sign petition calling on College to dissociate from the Review

(08/07/20 6:00am)

More than 950 Dartmouth students, alumni, faculty, employees and family members have signed a petition calling on Dartmouth to formally dissociate from the conservative student newspaper, The Dartmouth Review. The petition, first released on July 20, came in response to former Review staffer Blake Neff ’13’s resignation from Fox News after bigoted commentary he made on an anonymous forum was uncovered. 

Town of Hanover enacts mask mandate, proposes new amendment to rental housing ordinance

(08/07/20 6:05am)

Although Dartmouth classes are operating remotely this term, some students have returned to Hanover and the Upper Valley. In response to complaints of Dartmouth students in Hanover violating the CDC’s health guidelines, the town of Hanover recently passed a mask ordinance effective Aug. 10. The town is also considering an amendment to the residential house ordinance that will require an outdoors activities permit for gatherings of more than 10 people, as well as the removal of outdoor games from rented properties. 

Hassett: The Dartmouth Review Must Go

(08/07/20 6:20am)

Blake Neff ’13 resigned from his position as Tucker Carlson’s writer after CNN exposed his misogynistic and white supremacist online vitriol. Few were surprised that he wrote for The Dartmouth Review, which proudly claims the likes of Dinesh D’Souza and Laura Ingraham. The Review creates a nice, cushy home for privileged bigots like Blake Neff. I should know. I wrote for the Review on and off my freshman year.

Holzer: Two Dartmouths

(08/07/20 6:15am)

COVID-19 has put a great economic and emotional strain on the country. Lives have been put on hold as we wait patiently for the day when social interactions are once again possible. But for students, whose four short years in college are so professionally and personally pivotal, it feels less like life put on hold and more like lost time. The virus has created educational obstacles for all students. But as this unofficial sophomore summer has made strikingly clear, those educational barriers are not blind to privilege. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed clear structural inequities at Dartmouth that disadvantage its most vulnerable. 

Mei: Let’s Talk Politics

(08/07/20 6:15am)

For those who live with family members that exist on radically different parts of the political spectrum, remaining civil is not a matter of courtesy — it’s a matter of necessity. My mom ingests a steady diet of Fox News and the Wall Street Journal; I start my days with a New York Times morning briefing. In the past, any political confrontation between us would often end in slammed doors or silent treatment. Because of the lockdown, however, my mom and I have been forced to confront our political differences. I’ve been reminded that it’s much easier to remain combative when you don’t need to live with the person on the other side of the aisle. 

College to open external investigation into Alshawi case, student says she will continue hunger strike

(08/06/20 4:13pm)

The College announced on Tuesday — the 22nd day of Ph.D. student Maha Hasan Alshawi’s hunger strike — that it will launch an external investigation into her harassment allegations against professors in the computer science department. Meanwhile, Alshawi has stated that she will not stop her hunger strike and will also begin a thirst strike, maintaining that she refuses to eat or drink until the external investigation has officially begun.