Editor's Note

by Ester Cross, Taylor Malmsheimer and Madison Pauly | 8/12/13 10:00pm

Welcome, Class of 2017!
by Rebecca Xu / The Dartmouth

Congratulations on your admission to Dartmouth! We hope you're as excited to join us as we are to have you here.

The next four years will be a time of great personal development and introspection. Like us, you will change your interests 100 times before you declare your major and realize things about yourself you never would have expected. And, like us, you will discover that Dartmouth is valuable as much for its education as it is for its incredible students and faculty, who will become your friends and mentors for life.

Though you all come from different backgrounds and experiences, each of you will join the great body of students and alumni who have one thing in common: our four years at Dartmouth. From the start, you will be challenged to question your assumptions and broaden your worldview. You will impact and shape the College and its community like generations before you, and in four years, you will leave having made a lasting mark on our shared alma mater.

Seize every moment it goes by faster than you think.

For now, please enjoy this issue as a snapshot of the community you will soon join. We are so lucky to have you!

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