Dartmouth and the closed-minded student

May 28, 1993 5:00am

A friend and I were chatting the other night at Food Court about some of the different classes we have taken this year and about the love of learning in general. He mentioned his Government 5 class, which changed his outlook on life.

Moving sports team to Division III is a mistake

May 27, 1993 5:00am

The explanations for the Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid's recommendation that Dartmouth change from NCAA Division I-AA to Division III are dubious and discriminatory. The report endorses the change because it would eliminate 100 recruited athletes, who average $2,525 more per year in financial aid than non-athletes.

Fruit punch on Class Day

May 26, 1993 5:00am

Today's issue of The Dartmouth reports that a clay mugs and toast ceremony will replace the old clay pipe smashing ceremony at Class Day. I was instantly enraptured by this idea of participating in a toast with a clay mug and then smashing the mug on the stump of the Lone Pine.

A Class Day tradition

May 25, 1993 5:00am

Within the next week, the Class of 1993 Senior Executive Committee must create a ceremony to replace the now defunct clay pipes tradition.

Time for maturity at The Review

May 25, 1993 5:00am

The time has come for me to join The Dartmouth Review debate. Why do the editors of The Review seem to think that it is fun to offend as many people as possible in order to prove their point that the First Amendment is unassailable? What I find frustrating about The Review is that I often agree with them on Dartmouth issues.

A weather conspiracy

May 20, 1993 5:00am

I am angry. I'm angry about the fact that I have this stupid column to write, angry that I've a paper due Friday, angry that most of my friends are out of school already, and angry that I could be playing Frisbee -- not disc -- instead of doing any work. Obviously, the source of my aggressions is the weather.

Greeks must stop harassment

May 20, 1993 5:00am

This is not an assault on the Greek system. Many good times have preceded this incident. I only hope that the following will be a constructive lesson to make an enjoyable, improving system even better.

Hopkins Institute should back off

May 19, 1993 5:00am

Recently, an organization of 2,000 Dartmouth alumni has been complaining about what they perceive to be an excessive number of administrators at the College. The group, called the Hopkins Institute, charges that the College is wasting money on these unnecessary employees and that the resulting bureaucracy is cluttering the administration.

On the job education

May 19, 1993 5:00am

The passing of Green Key is a symbol that summer is just around the corner. Students of the College spend their summers in a variety of ways.

Gay ban compromise is a farce

May 18, 1993 5:00am

Recently, Senator Sam Nunn, head of the Armed Services Committee, touts the gay ban compromise in the Senate as a "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

Time for more sororities

May 18, 1993 5:00am

With women rapidly achieving parity at Dartmouth, it seems unfair to have five working sororities versus 15 fraternities.

Abortion debate part II -- is the fetus a human?

May 17, 1993 5:00am

In celebration of the end of this weekend's alcohol-consecrating festival, which I have personally found to be vastly superior to winter's pseudo-carnival, I will return to a suitably serious topic in order to get your brains moving past the hangovers from which you are undoubtedly suffering: abortion. In last week's column I set my goal at trying to refute that abortion was justified on the grounds that a person has sole control over her body and what she can do with it, although abortion is perhaps defensible on other grounds.

Drivin' cross country

May 11, 1993 10:00pm

Several students of mine have talked about driving across the country, but have been put off by fears for their safety or budgetary constraints. Do it, I say.