7 Fun and Easy Semi Costume Ideas

By Tarika Narain | 7/22/16 9:31am

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Semi season is upon us, which means it’s time to break out the flair. Or at the very least, it means searching through your giant flair box, which is of course full of everything except what you actually need (hence why you're desperately writing out toGroupMe asking friends for help). But if you want to save yourself a trip to Party City, here are a few ideas for semi themes that are fun, easy and super doable:

1. #KimExposedTaylorSemi

This one’s relatively straightforward. One of you goes as Taylor Swift and the other goes as Kim Kardashian. You pretend to be fighting all night, throwing drinks in each other’s faces and talking smack behind each other’s backs. Then, at the end of the party, embarrassing videos of Taylor are played on a giant screen while everyone watches and tweets about it.

2. “Pokémon Go” Semi

An interactive and athletic semi that requires you to download the new app (as if you haven’t already) and spend the night running around campus catching Pokémon with each other. Bonus points if you don’t say a word to each otherall night except to identify Pokémon’s location. Extra bonus points if you stumble over a dead body or get hit by a car on your quest. And if you can’t find a date, it’s no big deal—there’s a new niche dating website just for you!

3. FRAT-ernal Twins Semi

Wear matching frat gear. Done.

4. “Finding Dory” Semi

Get your date blackout drunk and have them wander off into the wilderness of New Hampshire. Then try to find them.

5. Republican National Convention Semi

Dress up as your favorite character from the absolute shitshow that is the RNC. If you’re Melania Trump, just keep repeating jokes that other people have told you and claim them as your own. Then blame Hillary.

6. Phil Hanlon Semi

Dress up as different versions of good ol’ Phil: Phil Ranlon (athletic gear), Phil Panlon (carry a pan with you), Phil Scantron (stay at home and study for your upcomingmidterm), Phil Tanlon (a Phil who’s been on vacation somewhere tropical), Phil Handle-on (carry empty (!!!) handles of vodka around with you), Phil Branlon (super healthy and with extremely regular bowel movements) and of course, Phil Ban-fun (dress normally). Don’t forget the moustache and glasses.

7. Facebook Meme Semi

Go as one of those annoying “tag-your-friend” memes all over Facebook. Whoever you bring as your date is the friend you’re tagging, and they have to do whatever the meme says.

Tarika Narain