6 New Uses for Empty Lots in Hanover

By Sam Forstner | 5/13/15 8:05am

With the recent closing of Three Guys Barbecue and the moving of Lemon Tree Gifts, our bustling metropolis finds itself with two vacant pieces of valuable real estate. But what should fill the void?

1. The Academic Rigger
Hanover’s very own sailing superstore for any students or faculty looking to set sail on the Connecticut.

2. Sake Emporium
A store that will exclusively sell Japanese white wine, more for the cultural exposure than the fact that sake often clocks in at exactly 15% alcohol by volume.

3. Four Guys Barbecue
Never underestimate the added benefit of an additional guy. Finally, Dartmouth students will have access to delicious burgers.

4. A room full of expensive, useless objects
This one will be easy, as it’s just Lemon Tree Gifts, but without the sign that says Lemon Tree Gifts.

5. DDS Labelmaker Warehouse
Let’s keep supplies for egregious price mark-ups local!

6. An all-inclusive gym, library, and social space for students who live in the Lodge
Just to make them feel even more isolated from campus.

Sam Forstner