Picasso in Hanover

By Irene Cofie | 10/17/13 8:00am

Below are Irene Cofie’s thoughts on the Hood Museum of Art’s exhibit “Picasso: The Vollard Suite” after she attended a special tour given by Michael Taylor, director of the museum.

Created between 1930-1937, Pablo Picasso’s “Vollard Suite” is one of a kind. Picasso utilizes vivid imagination to express himself and his views on the current affairs of the time. His art includes the famous matador creation: a half man, half horse beauty, a common symbol for this artist. Other familiar themes include bullfighting, love and nature.

The significance of Picasso’s art stems from both his extraordinary talent and mastery of printmaking. During Picasso’s time, printmaking was not highly specialized due to the high cost of the process. However, many of Picasso’s creations in “Vollard Suite” rely upon printmaking techniques, through which Picasso was able to improve images created by other artists, including the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rij.

Different parts of the “Vollard Suite” set are currently circulating around the globe.. This rare and beautiful collection lies in two Texas locations, as well as in Europe and Hanover. The Hood Museum is highly fortunate to have approximately 50 of the 100 “Vollard Suite” etchings in its possession. “Picasso: The Vollard Suite”, will be displayed in the Hood Museum from now until Dec. 20.



Irene Cofie