College suspends KDE

by Daniel Kim | 2/1/16 7:29pm

KDE will be suspended until the end of term, followed by probation until Jan. 3, 2017.
by Tiffany Zhai / Tiffany Zhai/The Dartmouth Senior Staff

The College’s Organizational Adjudication Committee suspended Kappa Delta Epsilon sorority for one term starting Jan. 26 for violations of the College alcohol policy, disorderly conduct and property damage, according to an official statement released by College spokesperson Diana Lawrence. After the suspension is lifted, KDE will be under social and then College probation until Jan. 3, 2017. The sanctions are related to a social event held in November 2015 at the KDE house and a venue in the Upper Valley.

While suspended, the house cannot participate in any activities, according to the College’s Standards of Conduct. During the social probation period, the house will be prevented from hosting or sponsoring events where alcohol is served, but other operations of the house may continue, such as business meetings and engagement with governing councils.

The alcohol restrictions will be lifted during the College probation period. KDE will also be involved with chapter development initiatives that complement the house’s efforts to address its risk-management off-campus, Director of the Office of Judicial Affairs Leigh Remy wrote in an email to The Dartmouth.

“As a house, we are all very sorry that this has happened and regret the actions that led to this suspension,” KDE president Emma PeConga ’16 wrote in an email to The Dartmouth. “However, through talking with various administrators and our house advisor, we have already learned so much and look forward to ensuring this behavior is never repeated.”

Lawrence said in her official statement that the “Moving Dartmouth Forward” plan raised the standards of conduct for Greek organizations. College President Phil Hanlon announced the initiative on Jan. 29, 2015, addressing these standards in addition to other issues such as academics, high-risk drinking, inclusivity, residential life and safety. Parts of the plan regarding Greek life included eliminating pledge terms and requiring houses to have active staff or faculty advisors as well as active alumni boards.

Remy wrote in an email response that individual misconducts and hearings are confidential, but information regarding organizational misconduct is available to the public. The Office of Judicial Affairs publishes annual reports from the Committee on Standards and OAC on their website. Last year’s report shows that there were 14 hearings that reviewed organizational misconduct, two of which involved sororities. Four of those hearings were referred to the OAC for potential suspension, leading to one organization’s suspension.

In 2014, Alpha Delta fraternity was suspended for a March 1 party where they failed to check identifications to ensure students drinking were over 21, and subsequently, for hosting an unregistered event on Aug. 3. The College later derecognized the fraternity in 2015 for branding 11 new members.

Several Greek organizations have gone through periods of probation, while three fraternities have been suspended in the past few years. Beta Alpha Omega fraternity was suspended in 2013 due to hazing allegations. Theta Delta Chi fraternity was suspended in 2014 for allegations of underage drinking. Other instances of extended social probation often connect to allegations of hazing and underage drinking.

Judicial reports show that sororities tend not to be as connected to organizational misconduct compared to fraternities. KDE’s suspension marks the only time that a sorority has been suspended in the past decade, based on the annual reports from the COS.

KDE participated in the Panhellenic Council’s formal winter recruitment this term before they were informed of their suspension, accepting 10 new members. KDE’s suspension and social probation will end before next fall’s Panhell recruitment, and College probation in the fall will not interfere with recruitment. Remy wrote that there are no restrictions on KDE’s activities while they are on College probation.