2016 First-Year Trips Directorate announced

by Noah Goldstein | 1/20/16 7:36pm

The directorate for the 2016 Dartmouth Outing Club First-Year Trips has been announced, with director Josh Cetron ’16 and assistant director Anna Gabianelli ’16 heading the group tasked with welcoming the class of 2020 to campus.

In an email sent to campus yesterday morning, the DOC announced that Kate Dumanian ’18 and Abby Reynolds ’17 will serve as the outdoor logistics coordinators, while Apoorva Dixit ’17, Victoria Nelsen ’17 and Katie Zhang ’16 will serve as Trip leader trainers. Alisa White ’17 will serve as the sustainability coordinator and Edel Auh ’18 will serve as the safety coordinator. Doug Phipps ’17 will serve as the outreach coordinator and Kate Bullion ’16 will act at the Klymbing Kroo captain. Kristen Chalmers ’17 will be the Oak Hill Croo captain and Mark Widerschein ’17 and Carly Amon ’17 will be the Lodj Croo captains. Julia Dressel ’17 and Coté Auil ’18 will act as the Hanover Croo captains. Andrea Price ’16 and Jake Lyon ’17 will serve as the Grant Croo captains. Dan Pham ’16 and Shannon Cleary ’16 will act as the Vox Croo captains.

Applications for the positions were sent out in December, Nelsen said. The leaders found out their individual positions on Monday and who their fellow leaders would be on Tuesday.

When picking members for the 2016 Trips directorate, Cetron said he and Gabianelli looked at two main factors in applicants: how an applicant’s skils, traits and experiences would fit in with others on the directorate as well as the ability to both believe in the value of the program and think about the way the program can continually improve.

“Ultimately, what helps us make our decision is how best the team will work together, so not necessarily any one particular person and their traits, but rather the combination of traits, skills and experiences across different individuals that are going to be working together, because this is a highly collaborative process,” Cetron said.

He said that he was happy about the diversity of the directorate, as it includes members from the classes of 2016, 2017 and 2018.

“We’re always looking for ways to make sure the program as a whole represents lots of different diverse components of the student body and the Dartmouth community,” Cetron added.

Prior to becoming director of the Trips program, Cetron served as a trip leader, worked on support Croos and was a Lodj Croo captain alongside Gabianelli.

Nelsen, who has been involved with trips since her first-year, said that what she really loves about trip leader training is how interactive it is.

“I think it’s our responsibility to empower leaders to lead really awesome trips,” she added.

Reynolds has been a trip leader two times ­— for the class of 2018 and for the class of 2019 — and is also a leader within the DOC sub-group Cabin and Trail.

As outdoor logistic coordinator, her role will consist of creating descriptions for the trips and managing the food for each trip, she said.

She added that trips shaped her Dartmouth experience, which is why she appplied for the Trips directorate.

Ceton said that comparing this year’s directorate to last year’s is not very useful. While the past will inform the current directorate’s decisions, the focus will be on the things the new directorate will be able to create in a new way this year, he said.

“At this point, what we’re really looking forward to is what we’re going to be able to do now and next and moving forward,” Cetron said.

Nelsen is former member of The Dartmouth staff.