Breaking: Cunningham elected Student Assembly president, Dressel vice president.

by The Dartmouth | 4/20/15 1:37pm

Frank Cunningham'16 has been elected Student Assembly presidentwith 966 votes, and Julia Dressel '17 has been elected vice president with 1,149 votes.

Jake Gaba'16 and Penelope Williams'16 received 578 and 147 votes for the presidency and vice presidency, respectively. Williams ran as a write-in candidate.

Only 1,632 of 4,501 students voted this year, marking a decline from last year when 2,376 students voted, election planning and advising committee chairDerek Whang '17 said.

Danny Reitsch '16 and Brad Plunkett '16 were elected 2016 Class Council president and vice president with 339 and 272 votes, respectively, and Elisabeth Schricker '17 and Andrew Goldfarb '17 were elected 2017 Class Council president and vice president with 227 and 32 votes, respectively.

Aaron Cheese '18, Harrison Perkins '18 and Toryima Asom '18 were elected to serve on the 2018 Class Council with 296, 209 and 192 votes, respectively. In previous years, the sophomore council has had five representatives of different ranks, but the Class of 2018 voted to have three representatives of equal power, Whang said.

In order of the greatest to least number of votes received, Shagun Herur '16, Jose Rodarte-Canales '16, Tori Nevel '16, Rui Zhang '16, Eliza Ezrapour '18, Alex Liao '16, Oliver Edelson '18 and Jack Sullivan '18 were elected to the Committee on Standards and the Organizational Adjudication Committee. Ezrapour, Liao, Edelson and Sullivan were all write-in candidates.