Trending @ Dartmouth

by Emma Moley and Jasmine Sachar | 5/8/14 3:18pm


HIGH YIELD:Dartmouth on the rise? Stay tuned.

GREEK WEEK:We're not really sure what this is, but there’s free food, so we're not complaining.

DARTMOUTH IS "HAPPY":95 percent of ourFacebook friends haveshared this. It has taughtus that most ofDartmouth is better at dancing thanwe are.

THIRD FLOOR BERRY PRINTER:Finally, some excitement in Hanover! It may not work, but are you really surprised? Smallsteps, people.

HUG ME COKE MACHINE:Don’t have a cuddle buddy? Neither do we. FoCo’s got us covered.

BLOOD/ORGAN DONORS: Save a life and head on over to the Hop.