Beyond the Bubble: Culinary Cravings

by Kate Sullivan | 1/27/13 11:00pm

If you are facing artistic and aesthetic cravings, the week ahead should have some scrumptious delights to quench your dry palate.

On Tuesday, "Fresh Off the Boat," a rowdy memoir from chef Eddie Huang of New York City restaurant Baohaus, will be released by Spiegel & Grau. Just like his East Village Tawainesse street-food establishment, Huang has a big personality and his mouth is even fresher than the food he serves there. The book features brash commentary on Huang's many travels and experiences as well as his insight on race and immigration in America today.

In Corvallis, Ore., painter Julie Green's "The Last Supper" is on exhibit at the Arts Center. The long-term project illustrates the last meal requests of United States death row inmates. The exhibition features 500 of Green's hand-painted, secondhand plates, which depict in blue both words and images of inmates' last nourishment.

This week on ABC, you can tune in to the second episode of the new competitive cooking show "The Taste." Contestants of varying culinary skills are tested in the kitchen and judged blindly by four celebrity judges: the unreserved Anthony Bourdain, British food writer Nigella Lawson, chef and author Ludo Lefebvre and restauranteur Brian Malarkey.

Though the Twinkie may be gone from store shelves, its memory will remain forever: Reno, Nev. artist Nancy Peppin has been painting, sketching and building satirical pieces of art dedicated to the famous sponge cake. Her works include the "Twinkies in history series," which features Twinkies as they would have appeared in famous scientists' and artists' notebooks, as well as an Audubon series on the "North American Twinkie (twinkopus hostus)," in which she has generated renderings of other "subspecies" of Twinkie, including the "Strawberry-throated Twinkie."