Yoeli '12, Sankar '12 elected to lead Student Assembly

by Emily Baer | 4/15/11 9:54pm

Max Yoeli '12 and Amrita Sankar '12 were elected student body president and vice president on Friday.
by Maggie Rowland / The Dartmouth

Amrita Sankar '12 was elected student body vice president with 906 votes, beating Brian Holekamp '12, who received 510 votes, EPAC announced.

Hix, who was ineligible to run under EPAC rules due to a previous suspension, received 643 votes as a write-in candidate. Limonthas, who was also a write-in candidate and is currently at home in Texas on an off term, garnered 427 votes.

"I want to congratulate all the other candidates on a great race and I'm really excited to get to work this coming week," Yoeli said.

Following the close race, Yoeli said he hopes to work with Hix throughout next year.

"[Hix] has contributed an incredible amount to student policy work on campus and I look forward to reaching out to him and partnering with him on future [Assembly] projects," Yoeli said.

Both Hix and Limonthas said they plan to continue to be involved with student government. Hix said he is disappointed in the way the elections turned out, citing EPAC's decision to prohibit previously suspended students from running for president office in this year's election season.

"Sadly we will never be certain if the student body president was elected by the student will or by the decisions of a few individuals on EPAC," Hix said. "Had I been on the ballot it is possible that the outcome would have been different."

As vice president, Sankar said she hopes to address student concerns raised in the Assembly, as well as improve diversity initiatives.

"I look forward to working closely with [Yoeli] to create greater transparency within the administration, to convey student concerns and to provide administrative options for students," Sankar said.

A total of 118 people received votes as write-in candidates for student body president and 77 for vice president, according to EPAC chair Harry Enten '11. The website accepted all names listed in the Dartmouth Name Directory, but only names of students were considered valid, Enten said.

A total of 1,665 ballots were cast in the presidential race, which represents the lowest voter turnout in the past three years, according to Enten. In the 2010, 2009 and 2008 Assembly presidential elections, approximately 2,500, 21,00 and 2,000 ballots were cast, respectively.

EPAC's decision to switch from instant run-off voting to approval voting this year allowed students to vote for an unlimited number of candidates in each race this year. Although only 1,665 ballots were cast in this year's election, the top three candidates garnered around 1,900 votes combined because of the approval voting system, Enten said.

Hix reported several glitches in the voting website early Friday morning to EPAC, all of which were either addressed immediately or audited upon tallying the votes, according to Enten.

Limonthas said he congratulated Yoeli on a great race and said that he will "help out with the Assembly in any way [he] can."

John Rutan '12 was elected 2012 Class Council president and Briana Perry '12 was elected 2012 Class Council vice president. Georgia Travers '13 and Reilly Bertasi '13 were elected 2013 Class Council president and vice president, respectively. Sebastian DeLuca '14 will serve as 2014 Class Council president and Andrew Longhi '14 as 2014 Class Council vice president.

Staff writer Matt McNierney contributed reporting for this article.